Sunday, October 28, 2012

Typhoon Ofel's visit in Batangas

Few weeks ago, the weather was hot, dry and windy.  Dust are all around the house and the construction of the water pipes in the street made it worst.  They have been digging holes for more than two months now if I am not mistaken.   I had a lot of sneezing and it so hard cleaning the house.  For that reason, I asked God to send a rain to drive away the dust.

It was Wednesday, my husband went to Pangasinan to meet a couple, Paul and Susan Tuma, from Michigan.  They were one of his good friends back there during his mission trip. I asked my younger brother Joshua to stay with me while he was away.  Joshua came that night and informed that there was a typhoon coming with a storm signal that starts in letter "O" because he forgot the name.  Rain started to fall that night and didn't bothered it because it was just rain without strong winds.

We woke up and is still raining for the whole day.  Heavy rains caused classes to be suspended.