Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cake Art Collections (5)

The following cakes are covered with chocolate clay instead of fondant.  I prefer using the chocolate clay as it tastes a lot better and doesn't harden fast when modelling compared to a rolled fondant.

I have come from a very busy week.  I had to do some preparations for our church medical mission.  I had decided to have a general cleaning of the house and throw unnecessary papers and stuffs that we do not need to make our house look neat because the medical team is going to spend night at our house.  At the same time, our book shelves had lots of dust in them and needs to be re-organized.  This made me put the Christmas decors as I have found them while cleaning out. So much for my cleaning story.  I heard that the medical mission leader is celebrating her birthday this October so I thought it would be nice to  bake a cake for her and another cake to welcome the medical mission team.  

I love the medical field  practitioners as I have been a part of that too.  I am a registered Medical Technologist if you would know and a frustrated doctor to be.  Well I don't regret my present status today.  I am content and happy nor am I closing opportunities if God will call me back again to serve in the medical field.  

Here's the photo of the medical themed cake:

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Along with this batch, I also designed a floral themed cake for my sweet niece.  JC and Eu-La wants to give her a gift as she is so dear with her cousins.  She celebrated her birthday last October 24.

Here is Denden's floral birthday cake:

I didn't made the pink flower on top I bought this from a cake supply store.  I don't have much time to try and make this flower style myself; maybe some other time.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Writing Time: How I Encourage My Children To Write

I am so thankful to have lots of time to spend with my children.  This is one of the benefits of homeschooling our children.   Yet I would be hypocrite not to admit that I do wish to have some days off specially now. Lately I've been day dreaming that someone would give me even at least a whole day vacation and would love to also accept all my responsibilities (house hold chores, home school classes, bakeshop management, church responsibilities) while I am away and I want to spend this time "ALONE". 

It was a bigger challenge to convince my eldest son, JC to write. I didn't had any problem with him writing on the walls compared with his other two younger siblings. Naturally, he's not interested to grab crayons, pencil, pen or any markers.  He is not the typical child who would ask for pen and paper and make scribbles.    Now he can read books because he knows and recognizes every letter's shape and sound.  I am glad he learned to read on his own.  You might wonder how he learned reading without me teaching him.  It was through Starfall.com he learned how to read.  I let my children use gadgets and surf online (yes they really can!) even at their youngest age.  He is good also in adding and subtracting numbers.   But yet as a kindergarten student he should also learn how to write the letters properly.  So here's what I did to encourage him write.