Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogging - a new career?

Back when I was in my elementary grade, I joined an essay contest and was blessed to win the contest.  My teachers knew I have some writing skills that I can hone to develop.  Yet, I was unable to join activities and groups that can help me grow this skill that I have.  I know it's not yet late to learn more and share what I have through writing.  This is not my first time to create a blog.  I started blogging since 2009 - this is our church's blog (  I am a pastor's wife and decided to create a blog for our church activities to inform friends most specially abroad of what's happening.  It was only this year that I decided to make my personal blog to share whatever I feel like writing that I fail to do before because I haven't made a journal of them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daddy’s Playtime

A father plays a different role in the family.  They have a different play style compare with mothers.  Daddies tend to play energetically, making a lot of noise and move the babies vigorously.  Moms generally sings, rocks and cuddle the baby gently, plays quiet active games and soothing activities.  These two different approaches complement each other that a baby values it equally the reason why it is so important that both parents should be involved in caring for the baby.  (Based on the book “Caring for Your Baby and the Young)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Family Life

I am a full time mother of three – JC (4y/o), Eu-La (2y/o) and SJ (4mos.).  I am a proud full time (hands on) mommy no regrets at all!  I know how important it is to see how my children grow and I don’t want the time to pass by without me seeing how they mature.   It is hard for me to leave my children under a nanny’s care.   I am not against working moms and I salute them.  For me it was just a choice of staying in the house and to personally look for my children.  It was a sacrifice on my part, I had so many plans and dreams of my own that for now I needed to give up for the sake of my children.  I am blessed that I no longer need to work because we have our own business that needs lesser supervision; yet at times tempted to look for one considering the growing needs of the family that needs to be sustained.  Also to mention that I am a pastor’s wife – that requires me additional responsibilities in the church.