Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daddy’s Playtime

A father plays a different role in the family.  They have a different play style compare with mothers.  Daddies tend to play energetically, making a lot of noise and move the babies vigorously.  Moms generally sings, rocks and cuddle the baby gently, plays quiet active games and soothing activities.  These two different approaches complement each other that a baby values it equally the reason why it is so important that both parents should be involved in caring for the baby.  (Based on the book “Caring for Your Baby and the Young)

We have a saying here in our house “playtime is for daddy, mom is in-charge of the hungry stomach” (pag laro ay kay daddy, ang dede ay kay mommy).  I see how they play vigorously, run around the house and laughing so loud.  There would be times that my children will look for their Dad and would demand to play with them.  When their Dad had appointments and goes home late, my children would ask me where did Daddy go? There was an instance that I jokingly answered them that Daddy is back in the States, and they cried.  They insisted that their dad didn’t go abroad and he will no longer leave them for that long.   My husband left for the States for six months last year.  Even at their young age, they know how hard it is when daddy is away. 

I appreciate every time my partner spends with the children and seeing his effort to raise godly children.  I feel how he loves our children and desires to train and discipline them.  Our partnership with the guidance of the Lord will help us lead our children in the right path that they should take.

This month of June is dedicated for all fathers; specifically the third Sunday of June.  As a sign of appreciation for the daddy of my three children, I bought a chocolate cake and roasted chicken for our dinner last Sunday.   (The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.)  It always works for him!  I want my partner to feel how important his presence to us most especially to our children.

Happy Father’s Day!
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