Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Measure of Real Giving

Have you ever felt incapable of giving because of limited finances?  Should we feel limited of giving because we feel  we are already empty handed?  Specially during this Christmas season, most of us are worried how can we give thus we ended up burdened with cares of how to buy gifts for everyone.  But in the right perspective it is better when we give cheerfully and not just out of obligation.  Lately I have been thinking of how can I afford giving presents when we are in a very tight budget.  It sure is a lot easier to give with a thick wallet.  This is one reason why I am now asking the Lord to make me rich.  God made me remember of someone who showed an explicit example of generosity even out of poverty.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Calle Crisologo Photos

Vigan trip is never complete without having a walk at Calle Crisologo.  This street is filled with Spanish styled houses that were preserve hundreds of years now.  I didn't want to miss having our photo's here.  One sure proof that we've been in Vigan!

I find this place very romantic.  Calesa, brick walls, capiz windows, cobble stone covered street what a lovely ambiance. 

Crisologo Museum, Vigan

Congressman Floro Crisologo's Office
The Crisologo Museum was established to perpetuate the congressman's memories.  He died from a tragic event; in 1970 while in the church, he was shot in the head by a still unidentified gunman.  With this, the century old family mansion was converted to a museum showcasing private possessions of the family.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Burgos Museum, Vigan

This was Father Jose Burgos house located near Vigan City Hall.  They opened this house to the public displaying the collection of antiques nonly Father Burgos personal stuffs but also stuffs from Kankanay Tribe an Ilocano Tribe.  You'll get to know the famous personalities and heroes from this Northern Region that we read in our history books. 

Hidden Garden, Vigan

Hidden Garden is perfect for plant lovers.  They have a huge collection of plants locally and some imported ones too which are for sale.  Aside from the plants, they are also selling clay pots, souvenir items, Ilocos vinegar, etc.  They have a restaurant too - dining here will give an ambiance closer to nature.  Lots of plants and flowers every where.  I want to have a garden like this one!

Fil-Spanic Friendship Park and Buridek Museum

Children will enjoy to this place.  There are a lot of trees abounding in this area, a good place to relax and breathe fresh air and let the children run and play in their mini playground.  Aside from that, Buridek Museum is an interactive place to learn about Vigan - its History and Culture.  Thus children can learn all about Vigan here easily here even adults will appreciate this place too.

Pagburnayan, Vigan Ilocos, Sur

Historically, it is believed that pottery in Vigan was introduced by the Chinese traders during 14th century.  Jar Factories in Vigan has been established in this Barangay for a long time ago (please refer on attached map below).  This barangay was known as "Pagbantayan" (old name) and is now named Pagburnayan that means Jar Factories.  Burnay is an Iocano word for jars.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Baluarte, Ilocos Sur

Baluarte is just ten minutes drive from Vigan City.  This place is owned by Governor Chavit Singson.  It was his rest house before then he decided to open it up in public so that more people can enjoy his animal collections.  Construction of the facility is still on going.  Here's what will get you more interested visiting his zoo.  There are no entrance or parking fees in here.  Yes it is free!

Bantay Bell Tower, Ilocos Sur

When you visit Vigan inlude visiting the Bantay Bell Tower which is just a neighboring Barangay outside Vigan's Poblacion Area.  More photos below.

Grandpa's Inn - Vigan

I have read a lot of good reviews from visitors of Grandpa's Inn.  This made us interested of choosing this place to stay during in Vigan.  Grandpa's Inn Hotel has a very good location.  Just a few minutes walk to Calle Crisologo -a very good place to take photos having the Old Spanish houses with brick walls and capiz windows as your background; the pathway is covered with cobbled stones.  It is also a few minutes walk to Plaza and the City Hall. 

Vigan : A must place to visit

Vigan Heritage, Calle Crisologo
 It could have took us a very long travel to reach Vigan City but in return it gave us back more than we expected of.  I am proud to have visited this place and will not forget an extra ordinary experience comparing it from other regions in the Philippines that I have been.  Some people do not enjoy traveling because they only see places having  no differences at all.  Typically what you'll see traveling in the whole Philippine Islands are the views of the mountains, seas on the other side of the road and rice fields.  Looking at that point view will really make you realize that there are no differences at all and you ended up thinking of wasting time and money going out and visiting other places.  Pakner4lyf and I loves to travel.  Whenever we visit new places we try to observe and search things that is not in our place and you'll get surprised that there really is a difference and we still appreciate the common things we share as we are connected as a Filipino.  That's how we enjoy traveling and most of all at the end of our travel we go home with lots of ideas we learned from the new people we meet.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Long Road Trip with Children: From South to North Luzon

Photo taken at Ilocos Sur
 I never thought that this trip is really going to happen.  Few moths ago, Pakner4lyf told me that he had an invitation to speak at a church in Mangaldan, Pangasinan.  He says that wants us (me and the children) to be with him.  I don't take his word seriously for some reasons.  It's hard to travel with the children that's one major concern. I have seen how serious my husband was about this trip.  He informed my parents of the planned out of town travel and asked if they could join us.  On our thought they are not interested but on the scheduled date of departure I've seen that they were as excited as we are.  It is great that they can come so we have someone to share with the expenses.  Our original plan was to use my parent's SUV (Sportivo) being it bigger and more spacious compared with our car (Toyota Vios).  For some unexpected incidents, one of the SUV's tires was flat and badly damaged, there we learned that the tires are no longer fitted for far travels therefore it needs to have new set of tires.  We don't have enough time to buy new tires and have it changed so we ended up with a decision to leave using our car.

We left Batangas City at noon time November 16, 2013.  We stopped at Petron in Lipa Star Tollway and gas up there at the same time we bought the limited Chevrolet Toy Car.  We would always grab the chance to have full tank outside Batangas City because gas is cheaper outside Batangas City.  On our way to South Super Highway, mom and I noticed Eu-La starts to get pale and complains of her stomach.  So we immediately find a place to have another stop at the nearest gas station for a break and have our late lunch this made Eu-La feel a lot better.  We asked Eu-La to sleep whenever she feels dizzy and I am glad she is cooperative.  Our little girl is asleep most of time during our road travel.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

We Feel Wacky Today

It's a wacky day today!

I learned last night of 7-Eleven's promo #BYOCupDay. My children would love to ask us for a visit to 7-Eleven. It is because they would love to have the Slurpee, Ice Cream, Siopao and Hotdog Sandwich in there. There's nothing wrong if we would join the contest and be wacky for a day!

What is #BYOCupDay?

7-Eleven Philippines invites everyone to join their Bring Your Own Cup and fill it up with Slurpee for only P29.00. This promo happens November 7, 2013. Entrants who will bring the most wackiest/craziest cup will get a chance to win P5,000.00.

One important criteria is that the cup you are to bring should fit the "MaCUPangyarihang Bilog!"

Cups should fit inside this circle to qualify - "MaCUPangyarihang Bilog!"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cake Art Collections (5)

The following cakes are covered with chocolate clay instead of fondant.  I prefer using the chocolate clay as it tastes a lot better and doesn't harden fast when modelling compared to a rolled fondant.

I have come from a very busy week.  I had to do some preparations for our church medical mission.  I had decided to have a general cleaning of the house and throw unnecessary papers and stuffs that we do not need to make our house look neat because the medical team is going to spend night at our house.  At the same time, our book shelves had lots of dust in them and needs to be re-organized.  This made me put the Christmas decors as I have found them while cleaning out. So much for my cleaning story.  I heard that the medical mission leader is celebrating her birthday this October so I thought it would be nice to  bake a cake for her and another cake to welcome the medical mission team.  

I love the medical field  practitioners as I have been a part of that too.  I am a registered Medical Technologist if you would know and a frustrated doctor to be.  Well I don't regret my present status today.  I am content and happy nor am I closing opportunities if God will call me back again to serve in the medical field.  

Here's the photo of the medical themed cake:

Add caption

Along with this batch, I also designed a floral themed cake for my sweet niece.  JC and Eu-La wants to give her a gift as she is so dear with her cousins.  She celebrated her birthday last October 24.

Here is Denden's floral birthday cake:

I didn't made the pink flower on top I bought this from a cake supply store.  I don't have much time to try and make this flower style myself; maybe some other time.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Writing Time: How I Encourage My Children To Write

I am so thankful to have lots of time to spend with my children.  This is one of the benefits of homeschooling our children.   Yet I would be hypocrite not to admit that I do wish to have some days off specially now. Lately I've been day dreaming that someone would give me even at least a whole day vacation and would love to also accept all my responsibilities (house hold chores, home school classes, bakeshop management, church responsibilities) while I am away and I want to spend this time "ALONE". 

It was a bigger challenge to convince my eldest son, JC to write. I didn't had any problem with him writing on the walls compared with his other two younger siblings. Naturally, he's not interested to grab crayons, pencil, pen or any markers.  He is not the typical child who would ask for pen and paper and make scribbles.    Now he can read books because he knows and recognizes every letter's shape and sound.  I am glad he learned to read on his own.  You might wonder how he learned reading without me teaching him.  It was through Starfall.com he learned how to read.  I let my children use gadgets and surf online (yes they really can!) even at their youngest age.  He is good also in adding and subtracting numbers.   But yet as a kindergarten student he should also learn how to write the letters properly.  So here's what I did to encourage him write.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The First Year of my Baking Quest

Last Sunday, my daughter Eu-La celebrated her 4th birthday. We had a simple celebration for her birthday.  I bought her a balloon and ate at a restaurant. She was asking me a month before her birthday that she wanted to have a pink cake on her birthday and requests if she can have another barbie cake just like her birthday last year. I told her I'll be making a new cake design for her. It was her who inspired me to learn how to bake and design cakes. 

Eu-La poses with her "Three Layered Hello Kitty Cake" Covered in Modeling Chocolate

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finding The Most Beautiful Dresses For Mommies On The Internet

This is a guest post from kevin@thegreenguide.com

When we talk of beauty we immediately think of fashion models that often graced the covers of magazines and Hollywood celebrities that we usually see on the silver screen. To most of us, they are the epitome of being beautiful. But all women are actually created beautiful regardless of the age and the disposition in life. We just need to unlock our true potential and reveal our natural beauty with the help wearing elegant dresses. If you think you need help in revealing your "pretty potential" the stick around because we are going to talk about how to find the most beautiful dresses for mommies on the internet.

Tips In Finding Beautiful Mom's Dresses Online:

Friday, September 13, 2013

Collection of Best Memories

One of the reasons why I like to blog is that at the same time I am able to keep an online collection of the best memories I had with my family.  I would like to have these beautiful moments posted here so that my children can have something to look back when they grow up.  They may be at their youngest age now and may not remember all the things I and their Dad have done for them but this blog will sure or at least let them know what their childhood was.

We were able to finish our first year of homeschooling.  It was not easy but we will still go on.  The children are not yet enrolled this school year - financial reasons hinder us to.  We chose to get our curriculum at SOT.  Such situation is not the reason  not to have our classes everyday.  It is easier to teach children when they got to relate the things they have learned from books in the real world.  This is how important having the children go out for a field trip.  The road can be a child's classroom.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cake Art Collections (4)


Life is sweet!

It takes process and time before having a delightful a delicious cake.
Having combined exact amount of all different ingredients makes this possible.

Want to have sweet or a more sweeter life?
Don't ask why God let's you experience the bitter times.  
He surely is preparing a very delicious treat for you to make your life a way more sweeter.  
Just wait for the finished product.  He's not yet done with you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Candy Crush Themed Party

We're used of hosting children's party as we are conducting this event in our church once in every month.  What gives us a challenge is coming up with a theme for the whole program.  We could simply do a typical classroom setup having them recite bible verses and teach bible stories then feed them but it would be boring.  I am not only focused on the enjoyment as this should not be my main motive but rather share to these children the love of God.

Children can learn and comprehend more when we use illustrations that they can easily relate with.  Having one more week to go and still we were clueless of what our party theme should be.  Last week, I was planning on a cake design requested by a friend - a candy crush themed cake.  First photo above was my finished product.  I did download the game a played to have an idea of what the game

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Birthday Celebration - Late Post

I seem to let the days pass by not knowing that my birthday is fast approaching.  Text messages as early as the start of the first week even emails and some people reminds me that my birthday is near yet it didn't give me any thrill and excitement.   Is it a sign that I am aging?

E-card from Nestle
Something's wrong with me, I know and feel it. I can't exactly tell what it is. Lately I felt too sensitive, stuck, lonely. and losing some self-worth. There are times I feel like bursting in anger. What's worst is I feel that no one is there to understand and help me anyway.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Favorite Household Tools

We are all glad that pakner4lyf is back from his mission trip. He arrived on the date of his birthday - July 28. I may now be relieved from taking care of the car that lessens the list of responsibilities that I have to do everyday, but I felt to have more things to do since he came. I had some important paper works for the bakeshop that I needed to work on. Instead of writing posts for this blog during my free time, I choose to join my children playing Minion Rush. My children and I loved Despicable Me you know!
I get to finish every household chores one at time. Since I am still breastfeeding our youngest son who now is at his 18th month and the fact that household chores will never come to end. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretty Princess in Purple

Meet our daughter Eu-La.  I don't know what's with her that attracts a lot of people to like her.  She may get too quiet and shy on the first meeting.  Once she get acquainted you get to discover her talkativeness you'll hear her funny questions then shows up her beautiful smile.  She's friendly and says hello to almost every person she sees; sometimes even those she don't know.  I am also wondering why a lot of people would call her by name and greets her,  but I don't know them - she really has a lot of friends.  Without her presence, our house is so quiet that her Dad says, "our little girl is the life of a party".  Eu-La loves to be called a princess

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day at the Park

Since pakner4lyf was not around I get to be responsible taking care of our car.  Every morning I have to move out the car and find another space to park so doesn't block the customer's way.  It is Eu-La who will usually accompany me in the morning to reposition the car and find a nice parking space in the market which is just across and JC will be with me during night time to have the car parked in front of the bakeshop or the pawnshop.  

We used to go to the park last summer we join pakner4lyf as he do his exercise.  It is where kids can freely run and drive their bicycles farther unlike in our place.  This is what the kids are missing lately.  Whenever I will have to change the parking position of the car, the children would ask me if we are going to the park - of course my definite answers is no.  For reasons that their Dad is not around I can't manage them alone and if their Dad is around, probably we can't go since most of the time it is raining.

Here are some photos of our days at the park - PPA Batangas City (Philippine Ports Authorities) which is just few meters away from our place.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I am Surviving - Children's Day Out

Pakpak Lawin
It's been ten days now that Pakner4lyf is not around with us.  He left for his mission trip and we have been missing him so much.  I do feel his absence being him as my partner in everything, now I got to do everything and I have a lot of work to accomplish everyday.  With the previous church activities, bakeshop management, homeschooling and household work I am still surviving.  This is not easy but I am doing it all with smile, and everything seems to be manageable - still.  I am thankful that my younger brother stays with me now, even though he's in school most of the time, I get to have some help from him.  

Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Shopping Memories (My SM)

When I was a child, I remember how happy I am visiting SM and whenever there are school field trips, there should and will always be a stop at SM.  This store was able to grow and spread out in the whole country and I think almost every Filipino was able to visit the nearest possible store located in their area.  Personally, SM Malls witnessed and made a role in creating some of the memories I cherish and I know will still become  part of more memories worth remembering.  

SM Batangas City Department Store
This photo was taken when I am still an employee of Pioneer Clinical Laboratory  (year 2005 I guess )
Here are some of the memories I would love to share.  Way back when SM Batangas City is not yet built,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mommy Hanny's 1st Blog Anniversary

I couldn't believe that  I have been blogging for one year now.  I came up with the idea of starting this blog since November of 2011.  Since then I have been thinking of what to name this blog and it took me four months to create a full blogger account (with the layout)  as I can only spend little hours for blogging even now.

How did I start and what me decide to create my own blog?

One of the primary reasons why I started this blog is the opportunity of sharing my personal experiences.  This gave me an avenue of expressing myself and voicing out my views and opinions.    I was somehow hurt and depressed when I started to look for a new hobby that will get in the way of these negative thoughts and feelings that I've been through.  I was thankful to have discover the blogger's world especially reading blogs from Christian Mommy Bloggers that gave me encouragement and inspiration to move on.  I decided this day - June 16 to be my blog's anniversary as my first post was published at this date last year.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cake Art Collections (3)

Here are the four latest cake designs I was able to make.  I am still on my journey of honing my skill and at the same time improving the taste of my cake.  I am comfortable using butter cream frosting for the cakes I design compared with fondant.  Fondant can make the cake look artistically beautiful  but butter cream tastes a lot better compared with fondant or should I say I needed to look for more fondant recipes to improve its taste.

Monster Cake

Some of my friends said that at the first glance, the monster's hair looks like spaghetti.  Making this design is easy.  I've made an improvised icing tip so I can make the fuzzy hair.  Wilton calls it the grass tip.  I couldn't find this tip in any cake shops that I have visited and that forced me to make an improvised one.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Join Giveaway Through Rafflecopter - Step by Step Tutorial

I used to wonder how to "correctly" join blog giveaways before.  I wanted to join but I didn't know how to figure it out.  Don't get discourage joining a giveaway, it just takes a little time joining and who knows you might get a chance to win right?  To some of my friends who doesn't know how use the Rafflecopter, this tutorial is for you so you can easily join my current giveaway and the future giveaways you may want to enter that use Rafflecopter because most of blog giveaways use them.  

Here's how a Rafflecopter looks like:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Persun Mall's International Giveaway

I have been away for few days and it's nice to be back. The family decided to have three days and two nights stay in San Juan - pakner4lyf's hometown. We wanted to conduct a three day Bible School for children but for some reasons we were unable to do the event.  We entrusted all the school materials at Grounds of Hope Bible Baptist Church - they will be the one to utilize the materials and teach the children.   

I missed this blog being away for few days. This blog is going to celebrate its one year this 16th of June. I have been thinking of conducting a giveaway but I couldn't push through because of limited funds. Last night, I checked my email and was surprised receiving a message from PersunMall about their giveaway. By the way, Persunmall.com is an international supplier of the latest fashion-forward items including clothing (tops&bottoms), jewelries, accessories and shoes, bags, wedding dresses, party dresses and so on. Most of the fashionable products you want to possess can be found in their shop; so feel free to browse their website and pick your choice.  PersunMall would like to give free jewelry follow the steps below to win.  This blog is hosting this kind of giveaway for the first time and hopeful to have full support from you guys for this to be successful.

One of these jewelry can be yours for free. 
Non winners will receive 20% off on orders over $60 see the details below on how to avail the discount.

It's easy to join the giveaway.  Here's what you need to do:

1. Register at http://www.persunmall.com/ *(required)   
It's free a registration.  You will be asked to provide your email address and additional login information.
2. Like Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PersunMall *(required) 
3. Leave a comment below stating the registered email, name, the item link you like 
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4.  Share the giveaway (optional)
5. Follow this blog. (optional)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What We Have for Lunch: Tatak Batangueno

Steamed eggplant and kangkong with sauteed fish sauce (Bagoong Balayan)

Sinaing na Tambakol with fresh tomatoes
(Tuna simmered in tamarind with garlic)

Steamed rice to complete the meal.

Monday, May 20, 2013

When I Come to God in Prayer

It is in prayer where I can pour out myself to God and tell him the things I couldn't share with anyone even with my pakner4lyf.  During prayer it is who I really am - I come to Him just as I am; there's nothing to conceal knowing that the God whom I talk with knows every detail about me.  God moves and changes things as we pray.  We can find our strength when we're down on our knees in prayer.

Whenever I come to God in prayer it always reminds me to continually give grace to those who err against me.  As I draw near in prayer to God, I see my impurities in the light of his holiness.  Having a God who chose to love someone like me; who hurt him most of the time because of my frailty - I fail to keep his words, to be grateful for each and every day and constantly commune with him; I might be even asking him for the things out of his will, but those shortcomings will not change the fact that he will still love me no matter what.  This amazes me, what a kind of love!  It is one definite reason to grant forgiveness because God forgives - Now it is easier for me to grant forgiveness to those who caused me pain.  I will choose to remember that I am not perfect, I commit mistakes and keep on erring with God and the people around me, so I can graciously grant grace to other.