Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fil-Spanic Friendship Park and Buridek Museum

Children will enjoy to this place.  There are a lot of trees abounding in this area, a good place to relax and breathe fresh air and let the children run and play in their mini playground.  Aside from that, Buridek Museum is an interactive place to learn about Vigan - its History and Culture.  Thus children can learn all about Vigan here easily here even adults will appreciate this place too.

Buridek is an Ilocano word that means bunso or youngest child in the family.  The Museum had three modules where visitors can learn about Vigan's history and culture.  They made the museum an interactive place so children can learn all about Vigan explaining it in a level that they can easily understand.

Meet our Buridek - SJ

Future look of Buridek 50 years from now -lol!

We learned a lot of Ilocano words here.  There are a lot of them printed on the walls translated in Tagalog and then in English.   

Recalling, here are some Ilocano words that I have learned:
  • basang - batang babae (young girl)
  • ballong - batang lalaki (young boy)
  • lilong - lolo (grandfather)
  • lilang - lola (grandmother)
  • sabong - bulaklak (flower)
  • burnay - paso, banga, palayok (clay pots)
  • saka - paa (foot)
  • tindahan - tiendaan (store)
  • simbahan - simbaan (church)
Interactive game to learn some Ilocano words

The part of the module shares about Bigueños way of living and their livelihood - weaving, farming and pottery.  One of the rooms in their museums has toys that the children can play with, they can have coloring activities also  A mini book collection for children is also available for reading activities.  I told pakner4lyf if only Vigan is so near to Batangas, I'll always bring the children here.

Dolls wearing early Filipino Clothing
Interactive module how Vigan's signature food is cooked
The last module teaches about the signature Vigan foods - pinakbet, empanada, langgonisa and pipian.  You can learn the all ingredients needed and how to cook their specialty foods.

Aside from mini playground, this area has an activity trail, which is closed  during our visit.  Children would need assistance from a staff of the park to use this facility.  There's a swimming pool and a huge open space to conduct events too.  

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