Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Burgos Museum, Vigan

This was Father Jose Burgos house located near Vigan City Hall.  They opened this house to the public displaying the collection of antiques nonly Father Burgos personal stuffs but also stuffs from Kankanay Tribe an Ilocano Tribe.  You'll get to know the famous personalities and heroes from this Northern Region that we read in our history books. 

 Below are the photos taken inside the museum:

Kankanay Tribe's - coffin

4 wheeled carriage - for Illustrados only

Woven clothes during the olden days =)

Early weaving machine 

A diorama of Polo - How churches during Spanish times were built
Father Burgos collection of amulets
They have used this tool to squeeze out sugar cane juice

We've been curious of this tree planted in the backyard.  No one can exactly tell what it was.  It sure is a kind of berry.  There are a lot of these fruit in the ground so we pick those and we're going to try to have it planted at my mom's place.   I tell you we love plants.    
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