Friday, March 13, 2015

Building Blocks Party

JC, my eldest son just celebrated his 7th Birthday.  Since last year he is asking us for a birthday party. We just had a huge celebration last February celebrating SJ's 3rd birthday where we also decided to have EJ's Dedication Day.  After seeing this party he was more decided to throw a big party for his own birthday.  I personally don't know if we could still make one for him.  But in the end I still said yes to him.  You may wonder how rich we are but I tell you, I tried my very best to make these celebrations in a budget.  All I need is to do is to be creative and put all personal efforts for all of these parties to happen.  We were able to host parties even in a tight budget because, I bake and design my own cakes, I don't need to hire tables chairs and catering services, I have my mom and some church mates who helps in cooking and clean-ups, I personally make all party decors and party giveaways.  Also to mention some generous friends who added the party necessities.