Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cake Art Collections 6

Happy Holidays Everyone.  This season is one of the busiest days in a bakeshop.  A time where our family takes our chances to earn extra even if it means to spend more time working rather than having a vacation. We can have our vacation later.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Christmas Decors for 2015

As promised, I am now posting the Christmas decors that I have worked on to decorate our house, business place and our church.  And as mush as possible, I tried not to buy stuffs to make these decorations to save money. So I have to recycle and re-use to finish my Christmas decors. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Notable November

Rushing for this post cause a lot of things made this month a remarkable one.  Being unable to make a regular posts, I'd rather compile a summary of my month's highlights so not to miss them.

I started this month working with Christmas crafts for our decorations and that occupied my free time.  I'll make a separate post on the Christmas decors.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Running the Race

This morning was a break on our daily routine. We wake up so early cause we needed to be at the Patikarun's venue by 5am.  I encourage pakner4lyf to join this fun run, because I know he may have a chance winning this race. If he wins we can have extra money for EJ's first birthday.  For us this is "Run for EJ's birthday bash."  

This fun run was organized by the Cooperative Union of Batangas.  Of course, our cooperative invited us to join.  Pakner4lyf used to join this kind of competition in his early age.  Last few years he started to run as his form of exercise then loads of work stopped him to continue running.  In this event he only had one week to condition his body again.  I am glad he didn't refuse to join and was positive to join the fun run. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Cake Art Collections 5

Here are another batch of cakes designs. I want to upload to keep my photo collections updated. I know have been too much busy offline that I do fail to spend time in this blog. I do wish I could have more time to be able to blog (regularly). The cakes I design makes my sanity in its rightful place and its fruit is adding a little income for the family.   

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Raising Catterpilar to Butterfly

This quest started one day when I found out a caterpillar last year in my new grown calamansi plant. I decided to take care of the caterpillar and transfer it in temporary container since the plant was too small that there's no enough leaf for him to survive.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Should financial difficulties limit the ministry work?

Every activities costs money there is no such thing as free.  If you get to have something free, then someone paid the price so you can enjoy it freely.  

When the funds are limited what should I do then? It makes me feel sad how our own financial status limits us in doing our ministry work.  A number of times we had these experiences but I didn't give in to the situation not to continue an activity but rather we find ways and be creative to pursue a church project even in a very tight budget. Before, I am not used to encounter financial difficulties when I was living with my parents.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throw Back Thursday - From Employee to Employer

I used to be an employee for some years before I started to run my own business. This is one of the chapters in my life I'd like to reminisce -  my days working at Pioneer Clinical Laboratory. I took the Medical Technology Board just few months after graduating and was blessed to have passed the Licensure Examination on my first take.  Few days after having the result. I was undecided if I should look out for a job, the other question was where would I go to work but definitely not abroad. You might wonder what limits me working outside the country. I was a PAMET-Safeguard Scholar and one of the agreement was I needed to serve my country for at least two years. This is also the reason why I am forced to look for a job as a Registered Medical Technologist, a sign of my gratitude and sincere appreciation for the privileges I had and it's my time to give back to the organization and for the country.

Going back, I remember I didn't have a hard time to do job hunting.  As soon as the results were released, a lot of employers called me to submit my resume and work for them.  To cut the long story, I chose Pioneer Laboratory because some of my classmates are already there working.  Others say I could have chosen a better job applying in hospitals where opportunities are greater but I know it was God's purpose why I was there.   

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I hit a motorcycle and this is how I feel

I found myself to be weird tonight after accidentally hitting a motorcycle in the parking lot. Weird because instead of worrying, I started to feel comfortable and more relaxed after the incident.

This whole day and even the past weeks were very stressful. Maybe one of the reasons I can't concentrate on driving. I don't have a choice this morning but to let my husband leave the car with me since I need to go in the supermarket and shop for groceries. Leaving the car is an additional work since I have to look and care for it.

I have successfully taken care of the car from supermarket going back home. My dilemma going back is where will I park the car. I didn't have a good spot to park the car in the market. I was called twice to move the car because I am blocking other cars when they needed to go out.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Living Every Day

I am grateful now that I am learning to how live everyday without worrying about the future.  Going through difficult times made me stronger and these lead me to see how the God I serve and know is capable of doing miracles.  Still my everyday life gets so busy and busy; I face greater challenges ahead;  but the difference now is that I am starting to handle every task lightly as I learn to effectively communicate with God and trust Him. 

EJ and I have been to his doctor last month and he's doing great.  I know the next visit his complete blood count will all be normal.  Thank you Lord for the miracle of healing.

I may be and still am frightened of different things that are to come but instead of concentrating on those fears, I now pray to have the courage to go on because I also know that nothing will harm me.  I am happy to have accomplish so much things that I guess this post and the attached photos will have me remember the event highlights.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ending for a new beginning

It is the first day of June and this means that half of the year is almost over.  We couldn't say we're in the beginning 'till something has ended.  This morning, I decided to have a baking activity with the kids to start the month. Of course they all loved the activity specially working with fondant.  May, the previous month, was a very busy month for all of us here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebration Cakes

Cakes makes occassions a lot more special.  That's why a more people wanted to have decorative cakes whenever throwing out a party.  Below are the cakes I have previously designed and was able to capture behind my cellphone camera lenses.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Failure To Thrive and Anemia

One of things every mom would want to make for her child is to be sure that he's growing healthy. The hardest part of motherhood for me is when my children are sick especially when they are still so young.  Infants couldn't tell if something is painful or wrong with them.  We moms just feel when something isn't right with them. 

It is sweet to have a baby in the house.  They gave such joy and vibrant feeling in the home.  But I tell you they grow very fast, that at times we'd wish that they'll stay as babies that we can cuddle for longer more time.  In our case, hearing from the doctor that our baby isn't growing right made me so worried.  Every day I would pray to God for miracles to touch my baby's body so he'll thrive and grow as fast as he can.  What an irony!  This journey wasn't easy to accept. We've been through a lot of specialists to consult about his health to make his condition better. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Letter To My Dear Friends

I have been working on our Bible Stories to be used in our DVBS. This time God gave me the theme about friendship. While studying the scriptures, I couldn't help but cry as I was reading the passages. This is not my first time to read the stories, but this time the message conveyed were so intense to me that I am moved to tears. There are a lot of Bible men and women who showed such love and loyalty to their friends no matter what. These are very remarkable examples of friendship that we all should learn and be like.

As I study the passages, I came to a point of realization where I found myself I wasn't that good friend who I thought I was. In my mind and in my heart I know I wanted myself to be the best friend one could ever have. Now, I have seen that I needed more effort to be a real good friend to all my friends. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Camping : Family's First

First of all again I am so sorry for making this blog silent for so many days.  I have been so busy with a a lot of matters.  Yet I am here again and excited to share my stories.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Building Blocks Party

JC, my eldest son just celebrated his 7th Birthday.  Since last year he is asking us for a birthday party. We just had a huge celebration last February celebrating SJ's 3rd birthday where we also decided to have EJ's Dedication Day.  After seeing this party he was more decided to throw a big party for his own birthday.  I personally don't know if we could still make one for him.  But in the end I still said yes to him.  You may wonder how rich we are but I tell you, I tried my very best to make these celebrations in a budget.  All I need is to do is to be creative and put all personal efforts for all of these parties to happen.  We were able to host parties even in a tight budget because, I bake and design my own cakes, I don't need to hire tables chairs and catering services, I have my mom and some church mates who helps in cooking and clean-ups, I personally make all party decors and party giveaways.  Also to mention some generous friends who added the party necessities.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old San Juan Hotel and Restaurant - San Juan, Batangas

I was fascinated to be at Old San Juan and see its huge improvement.  This was only a restaurant before and was also known for its spa services.  Now they're getting bigger that they have just opened their hotel which was launched in December 2014.

Cafeno, San Juan, Batangas

This is a Coffee Shop located in San Juan's Poblacion Area.  Just accross a gasoline station who happens to have the same owners.  

Kota Keluarga Parasol

Klub Keluarga and Parasol

Blue Coral Beach Resort - Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Acuatico and Acuaverde - Laiya, San Juan Batangas

Acuatico's Swimming Pool
Acuaverde's Guest's Welcome Lounge

San Juan, Batangas, Laiya Beach and Much More...

Having a husband from San Juan Batangas gave me the priveledge of exploring this beautiful town. This is one of the places we will surely go back not only because our relatives are there but because this place is growing and expanding as one of the new tourists' spots near Manila; two hours land travel.  This is such a priveledge living near San Juan that we can get to visit at times.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Why I don't consider myself poor

This afternoon I had the chance to be at Laiya Beach again.  I really loved walking at the sea shore, feel the breeze, watch the waves and appreciate the blue waters.  I also cannot resist playing with sand that I now enjoy with my kids.  I also have the habit of picking up shells, I just couldn't help it whenever I see one or if there are no shells I would go home with at least some pieces of colorful stones.  One thing I am most happy today was to have a very quiet time alone.  This was a very short time as in few minutes of walking at the sea shore all by myself.  I appreciate every bit of nature.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Heartful Celebration

This is what happened to us today; double celebration for SJ's 3rd birthday and EJ's Dedication Day who is 3month old.  Since last week I was busy planning for the party and get myself busy with crafting for the party's preparation.  It was so tiring but I am happy making all this things to make everyone happy.  It could be easier to throw up a party at a restaurant but it would be so expensive that we can't afford it.  That is why we did this party on a budget but the outcome is beautiful and made the whole family happy.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Peace in the Midst of Trouble Part 3

Going back to my first lab

I have never thought that I would be back in Philippine Children's Medical Center again after almost eleven years.  This is where my first laboratory hands on work started.  Along with some of my classmates in Medical Technology, we spend our 1year of internship here giving us lots of experiences and memories.  I witness how this hospital served lots of sick children - most of them are very sick (grave and rare diseases) coming from far provinces of the country seeking treatment  as this hospital can cater for their special needs.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Peace in the Midst of Trouble Part 2

If you have read my previous  post you know how our family is struggling for our newborn's health. I previously worked in a laboratory and had my internship in Philippine Children's Medical Center.  I have seen a lot of sick patient and couldn't forget how much I pitied the sick children I've seen in that hospital.  I now better understand how parents feel when something is wrong with their child. I couldn't bare seeing EJ getting needle pricks that hurts him so bad; but we have to do it for his diagnosis.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Peace In the Midst of Trouble

EJ, our newborn, just visited his cardiologist for cardiac evaluation.  After a month from his birth, we found out that his weight gain is slow compared with other infants of his age.  Doctors calls it "failure to thrive".  We are in search of the reason for his poor weight gain. Our pediatrician considered having him undergone the cardiac evaluation procedure because heart disease can cause a child to use more calories than a normal child does. While waiting in the hospital, I have bought a book with me so I will not be bored while waiting.  I found this verse in the book that I was reading on.  This continually reminded me to be calm.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Crafty Pens

Here's a perfect pen make over.  Get yarn and wrap 'em all up.

How to make Pompoms

Making this is very easy that even little kids can make lots of these.  Pompoms can be used in a viriety of crafting projects depending in your our creativity and imagination.  
Below are step by step tutorial with photographs.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

No Cook Clay (Hardens When Air Dried)

Never thought I can make a beautiful craft out of cornstarch and glue.  It was one boring day so I decided to search for a new project which I and the kids can work on.  Pinterest is the perfect site to look for that.  Upon searching I found this idea.  Making clay using cornstarch and glue as the main ingredient.  After reading the procedures I head on to our kitchen get the cornstarch of course we had glue in our house too and started working.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Great Year to Come

Hello everyone.  I know I have been quiet here for some time.  After giving birth I have been so busy with so many things.  I couldn't also count the number of attempts I did to make a blog post but I didn't succeed making one.  Later on in December I had to focus and give more time breastfeeding our newborn so I had to give up internet and blogging.  Instead, if time allows (baby is sleeping) I choose to work on making crafts for our Christmas gifts.  See  the photos of the crafts we did below. I'll be trying to post the tutorials of the crafts soon.  Please give me some more time for it.  The children were so excited of the Season's celebration plus being spoiled recieving gifts from friends and relatives.