Monday, July 13, 2015

Living Every Day

I am grateful now that I am learning to how live everyday without worrying about the future.  Going through difficult times made me stronger and these lead me to see how the God I serve and know is capable of doing miracles.  Still my everyday life gets so busy and busy; I face greater challenges ahead;  but the difference now is that I am starting to handle every task lightly as I learn to effectively communicate with God and trust Him. 

EJ and I have been to his doctor last month and he's doing great.  I know the next visit his complete blood count will all be normal.  Thank you Lord for the miracle of healing.

I may be and still am frightened of different things that are to come but instead of concentrating on those fears, I now pray to have the courage to go on because I also know that nothing will harm me.  I am happy to have accomplish so much things that I guess this post and the attached photos will have me remember the event highlights.

As usual my life is always busy teaching and taking care of the kids. Having four children is not easy. Pakner4lyf and I aims to increase our standard of living so we can support their needs - the whole family needs.  Part of our everyday life is working to improve our business. Because of that I still accept cake orders - sayang ang kita.

We have been busy also with our church's special event last July 28.  The greatest challenge was to lead the congregation to worship.  I had been out of the team for a year but I appreciate their encouragement and patience with. All in all it was a successful event; it is just because of God's grace.

As I mention a while ago, we are aiming to increase our financial resources so we decided to have a new business venture.  We couldn't do it on our own due to limited funds (we actually don't have the funds). Thankful to have a cooperative who trusted to give us the capital and another business partner sharing to meet the funds.  I have a very supportive father who administered the building construction that made work load easier.  Another great thing was the franchiser is not different to us being our family friend.  I can see that this new business is promising as how it is operating since we opened it last July 4.

Yes, the massage business is very different from our existing bakeshop business, but we'll do everything to keep this growing.  It not easy to be a business owner (entrepreneur) but we don't regret choosing this path.  Pakner4lyf and I we'll do whatever it takes to be successful entrepreneurs, first is for the glory of God and support the growing needs of the family.  

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