Thursday, July 30, 2015

I hit a motorcycle and this is how I feel

I found myself to be weird tonight after accidentally hitting a motorcycle in the parking lot. Weird because instead of worrying, I started to feel comfortable and more relaxed after the incident.

This whole day and even the past weeks were very stressful. Maybe one of the reasons I can't concentrate on driving. I don't have a choice this morning but to let my husband leave the car with me since I need to go in the supermarket and shop for groceries. Leaving the car is an additional work since I have to look and care for it.

I have successfully taken care of the car from supermarket going back home. My dilemma going back is where will I park the car. I didn't have a good spot to park the car in the market. I was called twice to move the car because I am blocking other cars when they needed to go out.

My mind is pre occupied with so many things this makes me restless and stressed. The second time I was asked to move the car, the accident happened. The car owner I blocked was an acquaintance. I know he'll stay longer in the parking lot being a business owner too in the market place. I started to move the car backwards to give way. I saw an opportunity that I can park the car in a better position but there are 3 motorcycles parked in the space but I know I can squeeze in. In my mind I can leave enough space. I miscalculated! Good thing that I didn't hit the motorcycle hard.

The car owner that I chose to give way help me lift the motorcycle. The front cover was broken so I know I have a responsibility to the the motorcycle owner. I waited in the parking lot to meet the owner. I saw a man approaching the motorcycle then started to make inspections. I asked him if he is the owner and said yes. Then I started to explain what happened. In the end I have to pay for the damage which is clear to me in the very first place. We settled for 500php. I could have immediately replaced the broken part if it happened a bit earlier because there are suppliers near our place.

The motorcycle owner was thankful that I willingly admitted my fault and waited for him. He knows others would immediately leave and would not mind the incident. Before he left; he promised to give back a change if he can buy a cheaper replacement. He is a security guard working in Tagaytay and had a child in college studying in Batangas State University. They meet somewhere in the market the reason why he was here in the City.

I don't know why I am calm when I hit the motorcycle till the time that we were able to made our agreement. That incident could have added more worries and stress but it made me feel the other way around. Because I see myself being thankful that it was only a little accident no loss of life involved. I could have gotten into bigger accident if I was driving in the road out of my mind. I am also thankful because someone was there to mediate and deal the incident accordingly.

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