Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's in my bag

There's noting unusual or extraordinary inside my bag.  I'm just joining the BC Blogger's Meme for this week.  This time we are given a chance to peek what's inside everyone's bag.  Join the fun and share the stuffs inside your bag - don't forget to take pictures.  Link your post to Cat's blog who is hosting our Meme topic for this week.

This is my big bag.  I got this bag when a friend of mine decided to have a garage sale of some of her stuffs to raise funds.  I love to use this going out with my children because I can put more things inside it. Normally, this bag will contain diapers, wet tissues and clothes for our 6month old son.  My other children would to bring their own bag so their clothes and toys will be on their bag.  I also bring my shawl.  I received this shawl last Christmas from a Filipino-Chinese friend.  This shawl was very useful (haven't thought it would be) to discretely breastfeed when we go out.

I also bring an umbrella.  To admit, I really hate using and bringing an umbrella.  I learned to use an umbrella when I had children.  I love this umbrella because of its functions. It is not too expensive because my mom and I bought this at Divisoria. This is a two-fold umbrella therefore it saves space inside the bag.  It is not like those three fold umbrella that will get easily broken when strong winds blow.  I don't worry that my umbrella will turn over when the weather is windy (I had one experience and it is so embarrassing, plus the fact that you go home wet with the rain.  To continue, I love the button functions.  I simply press the arrow button up to use the umbrella and push the arrow button down to fold it.  I can easily use this umbrella even if I am carrying our baby boy.  That's with my umbrella and if I had another chance to visit Divi, I'll look again for this type of umbrella and buy more.

Inside this big bag is a small bag.  Yep, a bag within a bag.  This little bag would contain personal stuffs in it.  I have my wallet.  This little bag and wallet were a gifts given by my ever loving husband.  The wallet is six years old now and it is still nice.  Inside my wallet are my licenses (IDs), cards, receipts and some warranty slips.  I also have a coin purse.  I don't have one before, and I find it nice to have this native coin purse to keep the coins inside my bag.  This is also a gift from a new friend whom I met in the market (she sells native products) she gave me this coin purse as a token.

If needed, I will also bring with me my personal check and bank book(s).  This happens if I will settle payments and cash deposits.  Inside the bag will have a handkerchief, towel or tissue.  I am definitely taking my cellphone with me when I go out (hopefully I won't forget it!).  I used to forget things now, maybe because of giving birth for three times.  This time I would be sure of bringing my phone and seeing where have I placed it.  As you see I have a new phone, Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300.  I used to have a Nokia 1800 model, I have to give it to our store because we needed to replace the cellphone that we are using for our retail loading business.  I don't have a cellphone since August 16 sorry for those who send SMS during this period.  Now my SIM card is in its new home.  Thanks again to my pakner4lyf, he decided to have a post paid plan and give me his new unit last night so I can have a cellphone.  I can now do my blogging and Internet stuff using my phone.  Yippee!

If you'd noticed most of my stuffs were gifts.  I am really having a hard time choosing and buying my personal stuffs as clothes, shoes, bags, wallet etc.  I will always end up window shopping - going home without anything that I have planned to buy.  My husband is so proud of me! So most of the things I have are gifts and I treasure them.

That's it!  What's inside your bag?

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