Monday, August 6, 2012

Setting up a school at home

We learned about homeschooling last 2008, and JC was only 5months that time.  It really caught our attention and we said to ourselves we are going to homeschool our children.  One of our main reason is we want to be the main influence in their lives.

JC is now four years old and he needs a proper education.  We've thought ten times if we are going to homeschool or not.  Then we've come up to a decision and pursue homeshooling.

Here's how we started:

First, we have to find a curriculum.  We choose to get the curriculum at Living Heritage Academy under the Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow also known as SOT.   We searched the info on the website and communicated with them.  We learned that he needs to have a diagnostic exam.  This exam will determine if a child is ready to take the program and to assess also of what level a student will take based on the result.

JC's diagnostic exam

Second we needed to prepare the amount we needed to pay for the fees.  It was a huge amount for us.  We are thankful because they offer discounts for missionaries and pastor's children.  We were also able to receive a financial gift from Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church last June during their visit.  That's how we were able to raise it!

SOT Materials
Third, I patiently waited for JC's materials to be available.  Upon the pick up materials, I needed some orientation on how I will facilitate teaching it to my son.  I set my schedule at home to study the lessons being my son's teacher.

Lastly, I have to prepare our Learning Center (classroom).  Yes!  I made an effort of creating a special room wherein my children will feel that this place is for school.  I started to rearrange our office to set a portion where we can have our classes.
JC's office

I put all of our children's books on their reach also some of their toys that they can use during our breaks.  As suggested on the lesson plan provided.

I've thought of making our daughter her own office (she might sit and join our classes) .   I also duplicated the activities so I have something to give her if she might be interested.  It is better to be prepared.

Homeschooling is a lot of work but I am so happy preparing our classroom and visuals knowing that it is for the benefit of my own children.  As one saying goes,  "Mother knows best".
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