Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas On Display In Batangas City

Are you looking for a place to stroll and spend the remaining days of your vacation? Consider visiting Batangas City.

The City Government of Batangas came up with an idea of placing an Animated Christmas Display so Batanguenos need not to go to Manila to experience the same show. Greenhills Shopping Center became popular because of this attraction every Christmas season, and it was known as COD - Christmas on Display.  This action also boosted Batangas City's economy because of the tourists who are coming to pay a visit.
Animated Christmas Display - Snow White at Batangas City Hall

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

H2O Hotel Overnight Stay

Hotel H20 is located at Luneta, Manila, Philippines (Behind the Quirino Grandstand) and the first marine-themed resort hotel in the country.   For a number of times, we were able to visit Manila Ocean Park attractions. My children are animal lovers including fish and with the accommodation and features the hotel offers, I have included it in my list of places we should visit as a family.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas lantern from recycled items

Zskya, our church mate and a K5 student of Batangas National Highschool came to me and asked if she and her classmates can use the church hall because they needed a space to make a Christmas lantern.  I learned that every class from K5 to 4thyear are to submit a lantern as part of their project.  It is also a school competition - the lantern should be made out of recycled materials - therefore it should not cost much that's the major criteria for judging. They started covering their star shaped lantern with old magazines.  Their original plan was to use tahong shells to decor their lantern project.  Unfortunately, the assigned person to bring the shells couldn't come.  Zsyka came at our house and consulted me of what's the best thing to do with the lantern.