Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas On Display In Batangas City

Are you looking for a place to stroll and spend the remaining days of your vacation? Consider visiting Batangas City.

The City Government of Batangas came up with an idea of placing an Animated Christmas Display so Batanguenos need not to go to Manila to experience the same show. Greenhills Shopping Center became popular because of this attraction every Christmas season, and it was known as COD - Christmas on Display.  This action also boosted Batangas City's economy because of the tourists who are coming to pay a visit.
Animated Christmas Display - Snow White at Batangas City Hall

COD in Batangas City started last year 2011.  Last year's display was about the Nativity story based in the book of Luke.  We loved the part when the angel came down from heaven and announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.  My daughter still recalls the angel from the scene.  Whenever we pass the City Plaza, she will always point the City Hall's administration building where it was set up and would say that the angel is already in heaven.

This year's COD story is about  Snow White.  Though the story seems to have no relation about Christmas, but it still provided entertainment in its audience mostly to young children and to those young at heart.  I noticed improvements on how they strategically position the bazaar's entrance that it did not blocked the plaza's main entrance from the city hall compared last year.  The addition of park rides in the plaza made the place more exciting - carousel, ferry's wheel for children, vikings and coin operated rides for little children.  To complete the holiday's experience is to eat Bibingka and Puto Bumbong.  The city's plaza is the perfect place that the whole family will surely enjoy.

Every night, the animated show is starting from 6pm and ends at 9pm with a 30 minute interval.  The show will end till January 16 the celebration of the city's fiesta.


Santa's House
It became a habit that after watching the COD, we will eat at the coffee house located in the plaza.  While the children and I are seated waiting for our coffee and ordered food, my husband will order Puto Bumbong and Bibingka just in front of the coffee shop to complete our snack.

Last week we had a family friend who visited us to witness once more the Animated Christmas Display.  They said that they are enjoying their stay here in Batangas City and considering moving here.  They will  make it a point again not to miss the next Batangas City's Christmas on Display 2013.

Eu-La with Ptr. Jojo and Sis. Cora's daugthers

That's what you're going to expect when you visit the Batangas City's COD.  Hope you too will find time to visit and if you did share your own experience.
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