Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lessons from year 2012

God has been good for the past year and I know He will remain faithful on the coming years ahead!  Year 2012 has taught me more lessons in life.

Nothing is permanent in this world.  "Everything changes except the word change", a line from one of my high school teachers that I won't forget.  Year 2012 reminded me of this fact that things changes and people too.  We can never be assured of the things to come nor of the promises from the people.  This changing world could not offer security; only God does.  With this fact, I learned to accept that people may fail me and material things cannot satisfy my longings.  Everything in this world is temporary be it relationships, but things of above will remain for eternity.

This picture was taken during our summer getaway in Pueto Galera last May 2011.  A trip my husband and I couldn't forget.  A breath taking and heart pounding boat ride on our way to Puerto Galera.  It is from this experience I learned that in life and death situations, you would no longer care any material possessions you held so dear but rather fight to live whatever it takes, and thus leads you back to your creator.  This made me realized of what are the most important things in my life that I needed to hold on to - first is my faith in God and second is to keep a healthy relationship with my family.  

We've been through rough and stormy circumstances last 2012, that this photo reminded me throughout the year (five times) of what God is teaching me.  No matter how tough the situations we are in, God is always in control all I need is to put my whole faith in Him.  At the end of every storm there is always a rainbow.  As we travel the 2012 journey, God is always true to His word that He will never leave us.  He is with us every step of the way.

Life is a precious gift from God that I am to be thankful for daily.  It is not only for my own life that I am grateful for but also for every opportunity that I can spend it with my loved ones.  

As we start 2012 last year the children needed to undergo 6 months treatment to cure their primary complex.  It was tough because our children were not used taking medicines plus the preparation that they need to have an empty stomach for an hour once it was taken.  We were able to endure the whole six months of struggling keeping the children away from food and water every morning.  Eu-La, just after new year, suffered allergic reactions for unknown reasons then after a week she can hardly walk in the morning and in the afternoon she couldn't step her foot on ground.  My heart breaks whenever I hear her scream for pain and getting upset that she could no longer walk.  One morning Eu-La wake up and said goodbye.  I was a bit afraid hearing those words from her mouth.  I started to feel and ask myself, "Could it be that God is taking away our daughter from us?".  I cried to God and pleaded to grant our daughter the healing she needed and let her stay with us for more longer time.  She had series of laboratory tests to detect what could be wrong and praise God that the results were all normal and after few days Eu-La got healed and could walk again.

The test is not yet finished in us.  Before the month of January ended, the children were sick once more and needed to be hospitalized because of gastroenteritis. At the same time I am also expecting to deliver our third child.  I couldn't explain how hard our situation was at the hospital.  But God gave me and my husband enough strength to take care of them.  God proved not only to be our healer but also our provider.   We found God's favor and provision to pay our medical bill at the hospital.

I am delighted to know how sovereign God is.  He knows everything, even a single strand of my hair that falls.  I feel how He cares so much about me and I know that He's the only one I've got that will love me unconditionally.  In him I have the assurance that none can separate me from His love.  With His attributes, all I need to do is just to believe on what He can do with my life. With Him right beside me, I can make it through 2013!

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