Saturday, January 19, 2013

My children had stomach flu

One Thursday night, my daughter throws her tantrums just before sleeping.  We're used to see her this way when she feels sleepy, what's unusual was she had an argument with her Dad that caused her to have negative feelings about him. All throughout the night she was restless, she would wake up crying, I was thinking that she is having bad dreams because of the incident with her Daddy.

In the morning she refused to smile at her Dad, still in bad mood and I noticed that she frequently burps and is about to throw up.  She usually drinks a glass of chocolate flavored milk after waking up.  After the drink she vomited.  I thought she is having gas pains same as in hyper acidity.  Anytime she eats or drinks it causes her throw up.  What I did was to give her food and water little by little at an interval to avoid vomiting.  It made me think that she is not having hyper acidity when she started to pass watery stools in the afternoon.  That made me consider she is having gastroenteritis.  Last year of the same month, she and her big brother had acute gastroenteritis and was hospitalized because of that.

I am aware that I need to look out for signs of dehydration.  I read more topics in the internet about stomach flu to have more info on how to handle their health condition properly.

What is a stomach flu?  This disease is also known as "viral gastroenteritis".  The virus causes the stomach and the intestines inflamed, causing diarrhea and vomiting.  Don't get confused with the term "flu".  The common flu caused by influenza virus brings upper respiratory infections, while the stomach flu is commonly caused by the following viruses: Norovirus, Rotavirus, Astrovirus and Enteric adenovirus.  So to speak, flu vaccines may not help nor prevent viral gastroenteritis.

I completely confirmed that the disease is viral in form because her big brother JC, started to have the same symptoms Saturday night.  It was terrible! We were restless all-throughout the night, we had two patients who would vomit and or pass watery stools from time to time.

Sunday morning, it is noticeable how weary they were, still sleepy.  I let them have their rest at the house while church services are going on at the other door.  I was glad that Eu-La's condition is getting better and thankful that our youngest son is still fine and hoping not to suffer the same disease.

But since the disease is highly contagious that it can be contracted even in close association with an infected person, therefore, the baby was unsafe.  Monday night, the appearance of symptoms started to appear.  I noticed him nauseated at passed greenish stool.  That night I decided to bring him to the clinic the next morning for check up.  We may be able to handle JC and Eu-La's condition but it's gonna be hard with SJ since he is below 1 year old and still considered as infant.

The signal that we are to go to our Pedia's clinic was when SJ passed his watery stools.  I immediately obtain a sample for a laboratory test to aid the doctor's diagnosis.  The lab results were all normal confirming that the diarrhea was caused by a virus.  The doctor gave a medicine that will calm his stomach to avoid vomiting.  We are glad to have that prescription.  At the same time the doctor reminded us that we need to replace the electrolytes that he looses every time he vomits and pass stools by taking Oral Rehydration Salt Solution.  The same thing we did for the elder children. We chose to give Pedialite 30 because it tastes more like water, that the children can easily drink it.  We were suggested to have another brand it is powdered and to be dissolved in water that SJ was able to drink it too.  It is a way lot cheaper compared to Pedialite.

After the clinic's visit we decided to drop by at Hap Chan restaurant to eat a snack and take out a food for the children (Wanton Noodles and Cuapao).  We know the children would love to have noodles.  While seated at the restaurant I am starting to feel fatigued, confused and dizzy.  I needed rest because of those sleepless nights and days that I am looking after the children.  From time to time I am to change the bed sheets and pillow cases, mop the floor, change children's clothes.  I made our washing machine worked like an automatic clothes washer.

As soon as we were at the house, I decided to lie down. I feel warm, my muscles and joints started aching.  I suddenly felt asleep.  My mom visited us and that caused me to be awaken. She wants to know the children's condition.  I told her that her that I am not feeling well my stomach is starting to crumple. I may have been infected with the virus.   I am no longer surprised being completely exposed with their body excretions.   My mom's visit was a relief because she gave me a wonderful gift that day.  With her is a house helper!  At last someone will take care of the laundry, what a relief.

Now all of the children are still recovering and coping up to gain more weight.  I am not as sick as the children were.  Thank God that I was able to manage taking care of them in the house, tough in the end I was about to give up, a rescue came.  God's answer to prayer always comes at its perfect time.

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