Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cake Art Collections (4)


Life is sweet!

It takes process and time before having a delightful a delicious cake.
Having combined exact amount of all different ingredients makes this possible.

Want to have sweet or a more sweeter life?
Don't ask why God let's you experience the bitter times.  
He surely is preparing a very delicious treat for you to make your life a way more sweeter.  
Just wait for the finished product.  He's not yet done with you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Candy Crush Themed Party

We're used of hosting children's party as we are conducting this event in our church once in every month.  What gives us a challenge is coming up with a theme for the whole program.  We could simply do a typical classroom setup having them recite bible verses and teach bible stories then feed them but it would be boring.  I am not only focused on the enjoyment as this should not be my main motive but rather share to these children the love of God.

Children can learn and comprehend more when we use illustrations that they can easily relate with.  Having one more week to go and still we were clueless of what our party theme should be.  Last week, I was planning on a cake design requested by a friend - a candy crush themed cake.  First photo above was my finished product.  I did download the game a played to have an idea of what the game

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Birthday Celebration - Late Post

I seem to let the days pass by not knowing that my birthday is fast approaching.  Text messages as early as the start of the first week even emails and some people reminds me that my birthday is near yet it didn't give me any thrill and excitement.   Is it a sign that I am aging?

E-card from Nestle
Something's wrong with me, I know and feel it. I can't exactly tell what it is. Lately I felt too sensitive, stuck, lonely. and losing some self-worth. There are times I feel like bursting in anger. What's worst is I feel that no one is there to understand and help me anyway.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Favorite Household Tools

We are all glad that pakner4lyf is back from his mission trip. He arrived on the date of his birthday - July 28. I may now be relieved from taking care of the car that lessens the list of responsibilities that I have to do everyday, but I felt to have more things to do since he came. I had some important paper works for the bakeshop that I needed to work on. Instead of writing posts for this blog during my free time, I choose to join my children playing Minion Rush. My children and I loved Despicable Me you know!
I get to finish every household chores one at time. Since I am still breastfeeding our youngest son who now is at his 18th month and the fact that household chores will never come to end.