Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Favorite Household Tools

We are all glad that pakner4lyf is back from his mission trip. He arrived on the date of his birthday - July 28. I may now be relieved from taking care of the car that lessens the list of responsibilities that I have to do everyday, but I felt to have more things to do since he came. I had some important paper works for the bakeshop that I needed to work on. Instead of writing posts for this blog during my free time, I choose to join my children playing Minion Rush. My children and I loved Despicable Me you know!
I get to finish every household chores one at time. Since I am still breastfeeding our youngest son who now is at his 18th month and the fact that household chores will never come to end. 
I get to keep that in mind so I get to work on those things that I see the need to finish first and get back on other task that can wait.  Modern technology and genius inventions made life easier that I get to be thankful for. I have two favorite household tools that helped me so much. 

I had this tool for more than a year now and it is still in good working condition. When my children are starting to crawl, I know I needed to have our floor extra clean. It was on a 50% off sale when I bought this and at that moment I am unsure if it's going to work fine. It sure worked and did its job.  I am so happy to own one. This have made cleaning our floor a way more easier the way I used to. This specialized mop has a built in tub that rotates for washing the mop head and a separate spinner to remove excess water. I don't have use my hands and hold the mop head even when there's a need to replace it.  I can keep my hands clean even doing one of the most dirtiest chore in the house.  Its handle is also adjustable to any length I feel comfortable whenever using it. I am also using this mop to clean our walls. 

We don't have a choice but to look for a new washing machine when the one that we are using was broken. Finding out that it needs a motor replacement plus the timer is also broken, we decided to buy a new washing machine instead of repairing the broken one that we thought is not worth the cost for just a repair. Our old washing machine doesn't have a dryer we are having a hard time to dry clothes during rainy days because of a very limited space. I never knew how really convenient it is washing clothes using a fully automated washing machine. All I have to do is just load the clothes, place desired amount of detergent and fabric conditioner on its reservoir then set or choose a program. I can leave the laundry and finish some other chores at the same time. When the machine stops, all I have to do is hang the clothes which are almost dry. In case of clothes stains, I directly apply bleach to remove stains before placing it in the machine. I get to wash my kids stuff toys and our pillows too because of this! This machine didn't cause our water and electricity consumption higher. It rather helped me save water because there are a lot of times that I used leave the faucet turned on unknowingly when filling up our old manual washing machine. 

"Being present isn’t about taking care of children’s needs. It isn’t about doing our mom and dad thing. It is about giving our children our whole attention even if only for a moment or two. This is what children need and want and ask for in many ways and will keep asking until they get it.  Time and attention are rare and valuable gifts." - from Mary Ann Johnson's blog.  I agree with her that it is not enough to do things we should for our children.  I do try hard to spend real and quality time where my children will get to feel my presence and not just see me around occupied with tasks to accomplish.  We may be doing hard work thinking at the back of our minds that we are doing this for the benefit of our children/family but it will not change the fact that they will still long for our presence even if we did provide and do everything for them.  Through my favorite tools I get to save my time and effort to finish chores in the house so I can have more time to spend and actively engage with my children, read books, play their favorite games, laugh and learn with them where they can feel my real presence.

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