Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Shopping Memories (My SM)

When I was a child, I remember how happy I am visiting SM and whenever there are school field trips, there should and will always be a stop at SM.  This store was able to grow and spread out in the whole country and I think almost every Filipino was able to visit the nearest possible store located in their area.  Personally, SM Malls witnessed and made a role in creating some of the memories I cherish and I know will still become  part of more memories worth remembering.  

SM Batangas City Department Store
This photo was taken when I am still an employee of Pioneer Clinical Laboratory  (year 2005 I guess )
Here are some of the memories I would love to share.  Way back when SM Batangas City is not yet built,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mommy Hanny's 1st Blog Anniversary

I couldn't believe that  I have been blogging for one year now.  I came up with the idea of starting this blog since November of 2011.  Since then I have been thinking of what to name this blog and it took me four months to create a full blogger account (with the layout)  as I can only spend little hours for blogging even now.

How did I start and what me decide to create my own blog?

One of the primary reasons why I started this blog is the opportunity of sharing my personal experiences.  This gave me an avenue of expressing myself and voicing out my views and opinions.    I was somehow hurt and depressed when I started to look for a new hobby that will get in the way of these negative thoughts and feelings that I've been through.  I was thankful to have discover the blogger's world especially reading blogs from Christian Mommy Bloggers that gave me encouragement and inspiration to move on.  I decided this day - June 16 to be my blog's anniversary as my first post was published at this date last year.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cake Art Collections (3)

Here are the four latest cake designs I was able to make.  I am still on my journey of honing my skill and at the same time improving the taste of my cake.  I am comfortable using butter cream frosting for the cakes I design compared with fondant.  Fondant can make the cake look artistically beautiful  but butter cream tastes a lot better compared with fondant or should I say I needed to look for more fondant recipes to improve its taste.

Monster Cake

Some of my friends said that at the first glance, the monster's hair looks like spaghetti.  Making this design is easy.  I've made an improvised icing tip so I can make the fuzzy hair.  Wilton calls it the grass tip.  I couldn't find this tip in any cake shops that I have visited and that forced me to make an improvised one.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Join Giveaway Through Rafflecopter - Step by Step Tutorial

I used to wonder how to "correctly" join blog giveaways before.  I wanted to join but I didn't know how to figure it out.  Don't get discourage joining a giveaway, it just takes a little time joining and who knows you might get a chance to win right?  To some of my friends who doesn't know how use the Rafflecopter, this tutorial is for you so you can easily join my current giveaway and the future giveaways you may want to enter that use Rafflecopter because most of blog giveaways use them.  

Here's how a Rafflecopter looks like:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Persun Mall's International Giveaway

I have been away for few days and it's nice to be back. The family decided to have three days and two nights stay in San Juan - pakner4lyf's hometown. We wanted to conduct a three day Bible School for children but for some reasons we were unable to do the event.  We entrusted all the school materials at Grounds of Hope Bible Baptist Church - they will be the one to utilize the materials and teach the children.   

I missed this blog being away for few days. This blog is going to celebrate its one year this 16th of June. I have been thinking of conducting a giveaway but I couldn't push through because of limited funds. Last night, I checked my email and was surprised receiving a message from PersunMall about their giveaway. By the way, is an international supplier of the latest fashion-forward items including clothing (tops&bottoms), jewelries, accessories and shoes, bags, wedding dresses, party dresses and so on. Most of the fashionable products you want to possess can be found in their shop; so feel free to browse their website and pick your choice.  PersunMall would like to give free jewelry follow the steps below to win.  This blog is hosting this kind of giveaway for the first time and hopeful to have full support from you guys for this to be successful.

One of these jewelry can be yours for free. 
Non winners will receive 20% off on orders over $60 see the details below on how to avail the discount.

It's easy to join the giveaway.  Here's what you need to do:

1. Register at *(required)   
It's free a registration.  You will be asked to provide your email address and additional login information.
2. Like Facebook page: *(required) 
3. Leave a comment below stating the registered email, name, the item link you like 
(the one you registered on Persunmall) *(required) 
4.  Share the giveaway (optional)
5. Follow this blog. (optional)