Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mommy Hanny's 1st Blog Anniversary

I couldn't believe that  I have been blogging for one year now.  I came up with the idea of starting this blog since November of 2011.  Since then I have been thinking of what to name this blog and it took me four months to create a full blogger account (with the layout)  as I can only spend little hours for blogging even now.

How did I start and what me decide to create my own blog?

One of the primary reasons why I started this blog is the opportunity of sharing my personal experiences.  This gave me an avenue of expressing myself and voicing out my views and opinions.    I was somehow hurt and depressed when I started to look for a new hobby that will get in the way of these negative thoughts and feelings that I've been through.  I was thankful to have discover the blogger's world especially reading blogs from Christian Mommy Bloggers that gave me encouragement and inspiration to move on.  I decided this day - June 16 to be my blog's anniversary as my first post was published at this date last year.
This blog was named "Oh!Mommy" at first and then I decided to buy my own domain name at Go Daddy as I have learned the advantages of using a personal domain for my blog as I have a long term plan and wanted to keep this blog as long as I live =).  That was the brief history of how this blog started.

I wanted to improve my blog so I kept on searching and learning through reading others blog posts online.  I know that having a gmail account entitles me to create a blog as I see it in the drop down arrow "More"  one time I was curious checking my email.  I didn't know about Wordpress and other platforms as I am a dummy that time -I used to think that all blogs are hosted by Blogger hehehe.  Currently, I do not have any plans of transferring this blog to WordPress as I am content with the services provided by Blogger.  BC Bloggers and Blogaholic Social Network helped me a lot on starting this blog.  I met more bloggers through the BC Bloggers while Blogaholic Social Network provided me Blogging How Tips that I needed to improve my site.

Receiving a recognition  "Leibster Blog Award" from a fellow blogger Jovell made me more inspired to continue.  It was right there I learned that there are people who appreciate this blog.  Having known and met someone who informs me that they follow and read my posts give me a sense of fulfillment and happiness too.  You, my beloved readers are one the reasons why I keep on updating and making posts for this blog.  Thank you for your continued support.  

What are my plans for this blog?

I want to establish this blog's content by creating more posts with good content, I want to reach more audiences and somewhat inspire them; share them I have to share.  I will keep on learning to make more improvements in my blog.  I would want this blog to earn money but definitely it's not my primary motive and reason why I will continue to blog.  I have a lot of topics listed that I want to write and share here so, I will try my best to start working to make posts about it.  Actually one of my goals for this year it to double the posts that I have made from the previous year.

I do value all of you my dear readers and followers.  With this I am happy to announce that I am hosting a giveaway specially for you.  It is a great privilege to have PersunMall sponsor this giveaway.  It is so easy to join.  Click here to submit your entries deadline of submission is on June 23, 2013.

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