Monday, January 13, 2014

Mixbook: Online Photo Book and Calendar Maker

We've visited my parent's house on the first day of the year.  Pakner4lyf with Pastor Eric had a scheduled of Bible study in a neighbor's house.  The children and I stayed at my parent's house and while we are waiting for them the children watched movies and I find myself enjoying some time browsing on our photo albums.  I find a photo and remembered how we used to celebrate new year. What a lovely memory captured in this photo - childhood memories reminisced.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My First Time Experiences

Whew, and what a relief!  Now I can finally make my first post for 2014.   I had a very busy month.  Bakeshop owners like me had the busiest days every holidays.  We have been loaded with work and activities starting second week of December till the first week of January.  We can't spend vacation during Christmas and New Year because the nature of our business is demanding a greater work load during this holiday season.  The good news is we can have our vacation any time we want before or after the holidays.  Last week, pakner4lyf and I had to fill in the absence of our bakeshop staff this added up bigger loads of work for us.  I am glad and thankful that our staff had already returned from vacation and had them completed yesterday (and also hoping for the return of our bakers).  This permits me now to sit in front of the computer and type this post that I could have published few weeks ago.  I still have lots of work to accomplish including our business license renewal.