Thursday, July 30, 2015

I hit a motorcycle and this is how I feel

I found myself to be weird tonight after accidentally hitting a motorcycle in the parking lot. Weird because instead of worrying, I started to feel comfortable and more relaxed after the incident.

This whole day and even the past weeks were very stressful. Maybe one of the reasons I can't concentrate on driving. I don't have a choice this morning but to let my husband leave the car with me since I need to go in the supermarket and shop for groceries. Leaving the car is an additional work since I have to look and care for it.

I have successfully taken care of the car from supermarket going back home. My dilemma going back is where will I park the car. I didn't have a good spot to park the car in the market. I was called twice to move the car because I am blocking other cars when they needed to go out.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Living Every Day

I am grateful now that I am learning to how live everyday without worrying about the future.  Going through difficult times made me stronger and these lead me to see how the God I serve and know is capable of doing miracles.  Still my everyday life gets so busy and busy; I face greater challenges ahead;  but the difference now is that I am starting to handle every task lightly as I learn to effectively communicate with God and trust Him. 

EJ and I have been to his doctor last month and he's doing great.  I know the next visit his complete blood count will all be normal.  Thank you Lord for the miracle of healing.

I may be and still am frightened of different things that are to come but instead of concentrating on those fears, I now pray to have the courage to go on because I also know that nothing will harm me.  I am happy to have accomplish so much things that I guess this post and the attached photos will have me remember the event highlights.