Prayer Corner


Every person experiences struggles and difficulties everyday.  Even little children have worries of their own.  God didn't guaranteed us a perfect life here on earth but promised to be with us as we face each challenges and troubles in life.

In every difficulties, hurts, struggles I am facing, still I am confident that it is God who will lift me up.  There will be no tear falling from my eyes that will get Him unnoticed.  An assurance that He knows every details about me and you too.  It is also wonderful to know that God hears us when we call through prayers.

I am counting my blessings from day to day.  I decided to launch this page as I continually see how blessed I am and my family to be safe from any disasters - typhoons, earthquakes etc.  One way of extending help for people under such situations is to pray for them.

If you have any prayer requests in your heart that you wanted to share, please post it here as a comment and I will be gladly praying for you.

Please note that your prayer request must be personal and specific so I know what to pray and in what area of your life you need to be prayed for.  I have my option of not allowing your post to be displayed if it contains sensitive words that would cause conflicts with personalities, races, religions etc.  You too can pray for every prayer lists posted if you want to join this ministry.

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