Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Measure of Real Giving

Have you ever felt incapable of giving because of limited finances?  Should we feel limited of giving because we feel  we are already empty handed?  Specially during this Christmas season, most of us are worried how can we give thus we ended up burdened with cares of how to buy gifts for everyone.  But in the right perspective it is better when we give cheerfully and not just out of obligation.  Lately I have been thinking of how can I afford giving presents when we are in a very tight budget.  It sure is a lot easier to give with a thick wallet.  This is one reason why I am now asking the Lord to make me rich.  God made me remember of someone who showed an explicit example of generosity even out of poverty.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Calle Crisologo Photos

Vigan trip is never complete without having a walk at Calle Crisologo.  This street is filled with Spanish styled houses that were preserve hundreds of years now.  I didn't want to miss having our photo's here.  One sure proof that we've been in Vigan!

I find this place very romantic.  Calesa, brick walls, capiz windows, cobble stone covered street what a lovely ambiance. 

Crisologo Museum, Vigan

Congressman Floro Crisologo's Office
The Crisologo Museum was established to perpetuate the congressman's memories.  He died from a tragic event; in 1970 while in the church, he was shot in the head by a still unidentified gunman.  With this, the century old family mansion was converted to a museum showcasing private possessions of the family.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Burgos Museum, Vigan

This was Father Jose Burgos house located near Vigan City Hall.  They opened this house to the public displaying the collection of antiques nonly Father Burgos personal stuffs but also stuffs from Kankanay Tribe an Ilocano Tribe.  You'll get to know the famous personalities and heroes from this Northern Region that we read in our history books. 

Hidden Garden, Vigan

Hidden Garden is perfect for plant lovers.  They have a huge collection of plants locally and some imported ones too which are for sale.  Aside from the plants, they are also selling clay pots, souvenir items, Ilocos vinegar, etc.  They have a restaurant too - dining here will give an ambiance closer to nature.  Lots of plants and flowers every where.  I want to have a garden like this one!

Fil-Spanic Friendship Park and Buridek Museum

Children will enjoy to this place.  There are a lot of trees abounding in this area, a good place to relax and breathe fresh air and let the children run and play in their mini playground.  Aside from that, Buridek Museum is an interactive place to learn about Vigan - its History and Culture.  Thus children can learn all about Vigan here easily here even adults will appreciate this place too.

Pagburnayan, Vigan Ilocos, Sur

Historically, it is believed that pottery in Vigan was introduced by the Chinese traders during 14th century.  Jar Factories in Vigan has been established in this Barangay for a long time ago (please refer on attached map below).  This barangay was known as "Pagbantayan" (old name) and is now named Pagburnayan that means Jar Factories.  Burnay is an Iocano word for jars.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Baluarte, Ilocos Sur

Baluarte is just ten minutes drive from Vigan City.  This place is owned by Governor Chavit Singson.  It was his rest house before then he decided to open it up in public so that more people can enjoy his animal collections.  Construction of the facility is still on going.  Here's what will get you more interested visiting his zoo.  There are no entrance or parking fees in here.  Yes it is free!

Bantay Bell Tower, Ilocos Sur

When you visit Vigan inlude visiting the Bantay Bell Tower which is just a neighboring Barangay outside Vigan's Poblacion Area.  More photos below.

Grandpa's Inn - Vigan

I have read a lot of good reviews from visitors of Grandpa's Inn.  This made us interested of choosing this place to stay during in Vigan.  Grandpa's Inn Hotel has a very good location.  Just a few minutes walk to Calle Crisologo -a very good place to take photos having the Old Spanish houses with brick walls and capiz windows as your background; the pathway is covered with cobbled stones.  It is also a few minutes walk to Plaza and the City Hall. 

Vigan : A must place to visit

Vigan Heritage, Calle Crisologo
 It could have took us a very long travel to reach Vigan City but in return it gave us back more than we expected of.  I am proud to have visited this place and will not forget an extra ordinary experience comparing it from other regions in the Philippines that I have been.  Some people do not enjoy traveling because they only see places having  no differences at all.  Typically what you'll see traveling in the whole Philippine Islands are the views of the mountains, seas on the other side of the road and rice fields.  Looking at that point view will really make you realize that there are no differences at all and you ended up thinking of wasting time and money going out and visiting other places.  Pakner4lyf and I loves to travel.  Whenever we visit new places we try to observe and search things that is not in our place and you'll get surprised that there really is a difference and we still appreciate the common things we share as we are connected as a Filipino.  That's how we enjoy traveling and most of all at the end of our travel we go home with lots of ideas we learned from the new people we meet.