Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pagburnayan, Vigan Ilocos, Sur

Historically, it is believed that pottery in Vigan was introduced by the Chinese traders during 14th century.  Jar Factories in Vigan has been established in this Barangay for a long time ago (please refer on attached map below).  This barangay was known as "Pagbantayan" (old name) and is now named Pagburnayan that means Jar Factories.  Burnay is an Iocano word for jars.

There are two Jar Factories in Pagburnayan - Ruby and RG Jar Factory. These factories are situated in this area because the soil here contains clay deposits that is necessary for pottery making. 


 My Pakner4lf is from San Juan, Batangas.  Their neighboring barangay is also known for pottery.  Some potters there were pakner4lyf's distant relatives.  I have never seen how these pots are made and visiting Pagburnayan is an opportunity to witness a live demo.While still in car we are  discussing of who's clay pot is better and more durable; is it the ones from Vigan or those jars from San Juan Batangas?  We did mention our query to potter and his name is Mr. Bong-Bong Go.  He said that their soil compared is San Juan is different.  They produce the black colored clay wherein San Juan, Batangas has the redddish orange soil used for pottery.  He claims that the type of soil in Vigan make studier and durable jars that will last for years.  He added that the orange colored soil is softer causing the pots to crack easily.   He demonstrated us how hard their pots were.  A sample pot was slammed at a metal bar for few times the little pot didn't break nor had any cracks and scratches in it.   

The photo above photo is the painting hanging in the wall of our hotel room.  Just approaching the room my son JC kept pointing his finger on that painting but I am not paying my full attention till I get to understand what he means to say.  He recognized the painting that portrays how jars are made relating it to our visit in Pagburnayan - Jar Factory earlier. 

There are also stalls of souvenir shops here aside from selling their clay products.  Indeed tourism in Vigan did a great job providing livelihoo, improve business and gave additional income to their constituents.  This made me wish that we can have the same system in my own Province.

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