Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hidden Garden, Vigan

Hidden Garden is perfect for plant lovers.  They have a huge collection of plants locally and some imported ones too which are for sale.  Aside from the plants, they are also selling clay pots, souvenir items, Ilocos vinegar, etc.  They have a restaurant too - dining here will give an ambiance closer to nature.  Lots of plants and flowers every where.  I want to have a garden like this one!

I only took photos of plants that caught my interest.

Variety of Pakpak Lawin
I could have bought one this if it's cheap.  It caught my attention because the leaves are crumpled comparing it to ordinary Pakpak Lawin plant with smooth leaves.  The smallest size of this plant costs P500-600.

Imported Siniguelas Tree
We do enjoy having a look inside this garden because we are plant lovers.  I can't  blame those who feel bored walking around the plant display.  We all have different interest. If you're not fond looking around for plants, stay at their restaurant and have a snack.  I found it very pleasant because of the garden set up.  We tried the Vigan empanada in here.  We had fresh fruit shake and fresh buko juice still in the coconut shell - refreshing.

Garden and Filipino native inspired restaurant
Male's restroom
Female's restroom
They have a very unique restroom.  The wall is glass where you can have the view of plants outside.  It felt like peeing in the middle of the forest and am afraid someone might get to have a peek of me inside,but I still like the idea anyway.  

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