Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crisologo Museum, Vigan

Congressman Floro Crisologo's Office
The Crisologo Museum was established to perpetuate the congressman's memories.  He died from a tragic event; in 1970 while in the church, he was shot in the head by a still unidentified gunman.  With this, the century old family mansion was converted to a museum showcasing private possessions of the family.

The photo above was taken by my 4 year old daughter.  A museum staff welcomed us and said that we are free to take photos using our camera, ride the carriage inside and touch anything.  By this time I needed to breastfeed our youngest son.  Her sister kept on irritating him causing the little boy to freak out and scream.  What I did was to give her my phone and asked her take photos inside the museum.  Glad she obeyed, this made her busy while the little boy and I sit comfortably in a corner for our own session.  I have attached more of her photographs below.

After few minutes our silence was stopped by a large crowd of students having their field trip.  We hurriedly roam around the museum to avoid the huge crowd. our main reason is for the children's safety.
Pig system toilet
The second floor of the museum contains the personal stuffs of the family - more antique appliances and memorabilia.  Our Calesa driver showed us a camera trick. He took a photo of JC and Eu-La looking like they're really on TV. This shot was taken inside the room of the congressman's son. 

Here's a link of Crisologo Museum for more information.
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