Monday, December 2, 2013

Grandpa's Inn - Vigan

I have read a lot of good reviews from visitors of Grandpa's Inn.  This made us interested of choosing this place to stay during in Vigan.  Grandpa's Inn Hotel has a very good location.  Just a few minutes walk to Calle Crisologo -a very good place to take photos having the Old Spanish houses with brick walls and capiz windows as your background; the pathway is covered with cobbled stones.  It is also a few minutes walk to Plaza and the City Hall. 

There are a lot of hotels situated in the Vigan Heritage Area.  I have seen a lot of them during our second Day travel riding the Calesa.  The Calesa driver informed us that Hotel prices doesn't vary that much.  We'll pretty much have the same price checking in other hotel according to him.  Of course prices vary on the type of room and the number of persons checking in.  He suggested to check in at Villa Angela when we come back.  It is the only hotel with a good parking lot as it is within the Hotel's boundaries.  Grandpa's Inn has a parking space too  for their customers but it is located across the street.  Another suggested hotel  was the Playa De Oro Resort this was suggested by a tour guide from Buridek's Museum who is also a DSWD worker.  She was a very nice woman.  She highlights that the hotel has a very beautiful resort and where you can have a very good view of the sea.  

The Grandpa's Inn staffs were informed of our arrival and prepared us the Family Room that can accommodate four adults, with free complimentary breakfast on their restaurant.  This is a very spacious air conditioned room with two queen sized bed.  It has a television with cable connection, the bathroom is clean and spacious too with hot and cold shower, also to mention good WiFi connection.  One thing they lack in the room was a telephone or even an intercon to easily communicate with the front desk staff.  We also noticed that the water coming of the faucet smells rusty.  I know it's not the hotels fault but their Water District.  We had the same experience when we were in Pangasinan.  A relative of ours from Ilocos noted that they cannot really drink the water coming out of the faucet. 

Here's how on room looks:

Old sewing machine restored as a table

Closet and Bathroom Door

Clean and spacious bathroom with hot and cold shower
Capiz window that you can open and have a view outside

View outside our window.  Across is their souvenir shop.

At Cafe Uno - Grandapa's Inn Coffee Shop
An electronic display that gives a look like real fireplace

Inside Kusina Felicitas (Grandpa's Inn Restaurant)
Vigan Langgonisa has a salty taste compared to our regular Langgonisa that is sweet

Following photos are taken at the lobby of the hotel located in the second floor.

We have a great deal on our hotel room.  They charge us for P2600++  per night with four free breakfast,  We are thankful that we didn't have to pay extra fee for one additional child. Typically each hotel allows only two children under 12 years old  free.  We have three children but since SJ is still a baby they let him stay free of charge.  This is one of the benefit going out of town during regular days and not during peak seasons or week ends - we can avail great hotel deals.  Below are additional details of the Hotel you may need in case you are interested.
Grandpa's Inn - Vigan City
#1 Bonifacio St. Corner Quirino Blvd., Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
Tel No: +63(077)722-2118 Fax No: +63(077)632-0987
Cellphone No: 0917-5802118

Note: I didn't receive any compensation nor any forms of gifts coming from this Hotel.  All opinions are on my own.

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