Monday, December 2, 2013

Bantay Bell Tower, Ilocos Sur

When you visit Vigan inlude visiting the Bantay Bell Tower which is just a neighboring Barangay outside Vigan's Poblacion Area.  More photos below.

 My mom chose not to climb up the tower not because she is afraid of heights but she's worried of her arthritis.  For her it will take lots of efforts walking up the stairs.  SJ the little one stayed with my mom.

 If you noticed, Pakner4lyf and JC is not around, it is because of JC's fear of heights.  This is the peak of the tower.  From here you get to see the Philippine West Sea, and the view of neighboring regions.

 The tour guide is surprised how brave our little girl was.  She wanted to roam here and there and doesn't want anyone holding her hands.  We are the ones worried that she might fall.

Photo I took on top of the tower
 Are you an acrophobic?  Start conquering your fear of heights and try climbing up the Bell Tower. Come on I'm sure you can make it!

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