Monday, December 2, 2013

Baluarte, Ilocos Sur

Baluarte is just ten minutes drive from Vigan City.  This place is owned by Governor Chavit Singson.  It was his rest house before then he decided to open it up in public so that more people can enjoy his animal collections.  Construction of the facility is still on going.  Here's what will get you more interested visiting his zoo.  There are no entrance or parking fees in here.  Yes it is free!

Outside the vicinity were stalls selling souvenir items and snacks.  Some tigers have their cages outside too.  Their restrooms are located only at the entrance.  Take note of this - better use the restroom first before entering the zoo premises.  Picnic tables, animal shows and riding the small donkey with carriages are all for free!  My children loves animals very much and they have enjoy their visit here and of course we adults enjoyed here too.  Masarap talaga basta libre! Sulit ang malayong byahe namin. =) 

Friendly parrots will welcome you here


While riding the pony, you'll get closer view and could even touch some of the animals here, such as the ostrich, camel, sheep, goats and donkeys freely roaming around. 

Animal Stage Show happens here

We had a chance to witness their animal show that started by lunch time.  I enjoyed so much of the show that I forget taking photos.  They exhibited five tamed animals were the audience can have a chance to touch, carry and have photos with.  To recall the animals were: iguana, eagle, flying squirrel, civet (musang) and albino python.  See that white cockatoo on stage?  It was not part of the animal show but we learned that bird can make his own show.  He knows how to dance.  Seeing lots of children jumping and chanting, it started to join the children's fun.  It was very entertaining seeing that cockatoo dance and sing with his cooing voice.

I also love the butterfly garden.  I love butterflies, plants and flowers that's why.  In here children can actually see and learn the stages of the butterfly.  There's a huge difference when you got to experience and see things.  We get to understand why and explain more things clearly when in an actual scenario.

Chavit Singson has a lot of tigers in this zoo.  We also grab the chance of posing with the tiger.  This tiger is tamed and knows how to pose in front of the camera.  It is really tamed and I did try to pat the tiger's fur before posing for a camera shot. There are more cages of tigers up hill where I get to see a mommy tiger prematurely delivers her cub.  I guess it is premature because it didn't survive after her mom gave birth.  It didn't even moved at all.  Poor mommy tiger and little cub. 

There are lots of ducks and chickens of different breeds there.   They have tarsiers too but we failed to see them because they are always inside their houses and didn't even go out of it.

Grab this chance of visiting Chavit's zoo for free.  You can spend longer time here and can freely bring food inside and have picnic in here with the whole family.  Baluarte is open daily from 7pm to 6pm.

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