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Being a pastor's wife and a hands on mom now to four children; will most of the time get me physically and emotionally drained.  I have started this blog May 2012 and made my first post June 2012.   It was in the most difficult time of my life where I get the inspiration of trying to be a blogger.  I enjoyed the idea of blogging and found myself blog hopping and joining online communities which are very helpful in maintaining my sanity. I am interested in reading mom blogs and I also visit other types of blog too - travel blogs, food blogs, etc.  Before I am a mom who cannot go out of the four corners of our house and blogging had made me travel into different places meeting lots of people and listen on what they have to say through their blogs.

I have tons of work to accomplish everyday, aside from being a mom, I have ministry involvements in the church and we own a bakeshop, with pakner4lyf we monitor its operations.  We still are looking for more ways to earn as the family is getting bigger.  Am I saying that with all of this huge work that I am a "Super Woman"?  No I am not.  Most of time I found myself caught up in pressing situations with  hands up and on my knees to surrender.  I am grateful how God inspires and strengthens me when such situations come.

For parents, I know how hard you struggle raising and disciplining your children and at the same time think of ways on how to earn money and meet the needs of the family; as we do too.  Parenting is a very complicated job, we may make our choices and decisions different from another parent but it wouldn't make us bad cause we know what's better for own kids as our situation varries.    Right now, we've been struggling with our youngest son's health.  I now better understand how parents feel having a sick child.  During this trying time, I learned to increase my faith to combat my fears.  We are completely secured in God's hands.   

I love to travel and get closer to nature.  I like making crafts too and do some experiments.  I would love also try new recipes and cook them.  I am also a dreamer, a friend, weak on my own and that makes me depend on God.

I hope this blog will touch you and may you find encouragement and inspiration.

You can reach to me through my email:  mommyhanny.me@gmail.com

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