Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebration Cakes

Cakes makes occassions a lot more special.  That's why a more people wanted to have decorative cakes whenever throwing out a party.  Below are the cakes I have previously designed and was able to capture behind my cellphone camera lenses.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Failure To Thrive and Anemia

One of things every mom would want to make for her child is to be sure that he's growing healthy. The hardest part of motherhood for me is when my children are sick especially when they are still so young.  Infants couldn't tell if something is painful or wrong with them.  We moms just feel when something isn't right with them. 

It is sweet to have a baby in the house.  They gave such joy and vibrant feeling in the home.  But I tell you they grow very fast, that at times we'd wish that they'll stay as babies that we can cuddle for longer more time.  In our case, hearing from the doctor that our baby isn't growing right made me so worried.  Every day I would pray to God for miracles to touch my baby's body so he'll thrive and grow as fast as he can.  What an irony!  This journey wasn't easy to accept. We've been through a lot of specialists to consult about his health to make his condition better.