Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebration Cakes

Cakes makes occassions a lot more special.  That's why a more people wanted to have decorative cakes whenever throwing out a party.  Below are the cakes I have previously designed and was able to capture behind my cellphone camera lenses.
This Hello Kitty Cake is one of the best seller design I have made so far and I also enjoy making this design as it is so easy for me to make.  This is a combination of buttercream icing to cover the cake and fondant for the design details.

Lately I started to recommend the rectangular shape cake specially for those who are expecting a bigger number of guests who are coming in their party. In my part this shape is easier to design having a bigger space to work on.

I find it easy to think and apply any design on the this rectangular shape based on whatever theme the customer requests for their cake.

Graduation cupcakes and stencil cupcake art.  Graduate's cap did make a hit during the graduation celebration. I also experimented other cake artist draw on their cakes they call it stencil art on cake. Having a free time my curiosity lead me to try the activity.   It was very time consuming yet somehow enjoy a bit working on its detail. 

Basket weave design.  This is one design I enjoyed doing sinc ethen; even though it takes a longer more time to finish compared with the other designs I have prevously worked on.

A lot of people wanted to put dedications in their cake.  I always chose to have fondant letters be used rather than writing the dedication in the cake.  It is harder for me to write letters using buttercream maybe because I don't have a very good handwritinng at all.  And aside the fact that most customers' dedications are so long that it's imposible to fit those words in the cake they order.  

During special occassions based in my experience, it is better to have a single layer of cake and have an adequate number of cupcakes for your guest.  I place the single layer of cake in the top of a cupcake tower then the rest of the cupcakes on the lower layers of the tower.  It is easier to distribute the cupcakes to the guests.  There are guest who are so polite that they didn't even want to mess the beautiful cake so no one would ever dare to start slicing the cake.

Do you like cakes served in special occassions?
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