Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maintaining my sanity over this crazy life

Pearl's garden via mommyhanny

Definitely I am a very happy hands on mom to my three children and no doubt about that.  Yet I would be hypocrite saying that everything is perfect and going on smoothly.  Imagine me alone supervising three super children.  This drives me crazy everyday that it felt like almost loosing my sanity.  I have to be sure not to take my eyes off them.  And you know, it's hard to keep them all in one place.  Watching over them is not my sole duty; so to accomplish things I had to be creative and keep them busy so I can do things around with my eyes still fixed on them.  Well of course with me being limited, they would most of the time make a terrible chaos. How do I maintain my sanity?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blessed Week as JC Turns 5 - Laiya Beach, Cake and a Bicycle

We've been busy last week but is surely blessed specially for JC who celebrated his 5th birthday last March 7. JC is now aware of the dates in the calendar. As soon as February has ended my son tells everyone that his birthday is so near! I attempted to ask him of what would he like to have on his birthday. He answered me straight saying "a cake car". I was stunned hearing him say that. I don't know how to design a cake car.  Then there's is one friend who makes carved cakes that came into my mind. I know ordering that cake would be so expensive. I started praying and hoping that in the coming days I would be blessed with enough money to afford it. But I still kept on thinking if I had that money should I still go and order it? Because for me it's not practical to pay a cake worth 3 thousand pesos. I asked my younger brother for an opinion. What he said was, "Ate, I am sure you can make one yourself."

Pakner4lyf informed me few days before JC's birthday that there is no extra budget.  I didn't want to break my son's heart who is expecting that cake on his birthday; and I didn't want to hurt our monthly budget too.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dining out with our children

Dining out with toddlers would be so hard if you ended out in a restaurant that does not fit for them.  Well you moms know what I mean.  When we are with children, we rather chose dining in a child friendly restaurant where we will feel secured that our children won't break plates, glasses, or any valuables in there.  We had an experience dining at a restaurant not suited for them.  What happened?  All eyes are around us because of the noise they/we make.  I can see those looks from the staff and other people dining that simply says you shouldn't be here.