Monday, March 11, 2013

Dining out with our children

Dining out with toddlers would be so hard if you ended out in a restaurant that does not fit for them.  Well you moms know what I mean.  When we are with children, we rather chose dining in a child friendly restaurant where we will feel secured that our children won't break plates, glasses, or any valuables in there.  We had an experience dining at a restaurant not suited for them.  What happened?  All eyes are around us because of the noise they/we make.  I can see those looks from the staff and other people dining that simply says you shouldn't be here.

That caused me a terrible headache!

For parents like us, we wanted others to understand and sympathize with us.  Our children would cause a lot of mess, they make loud noise, that we couldn't control at all. Considering that we have money to pay; it should give us the same rights to enjoy the place.   On the other hand, we cannot make other people adjust with us most specially with our children. It is better to choose a place where we know children are welcome rather than suffer headache because of inconvenience and end up in a bad day.

We find it easier to dine in restaurants with a play place to keep the children busy after finishing their meals; so I can have my time to enjoy my share.  Children are not bored because they can play and we adults can have longer time of chatting. I am delighted to see people with patience and those can easily work with children. For now pakner4lyf and I would opt to eat at restaurants where my children would want - their choices become ours too.  We feel happy when we see our children satisfied.

Last March 8, the three children and I joined pakner4lyf visiting our church members' houses.  We stopped at fast food when we feel hungry.  One of my children's favorite place to dine is at Jollibee -  Eu-La loves that bee so much.  The photo above marks SJ's success of having put him in a high chair all through-out our stay at the food store.  Cheers for SJ, he behaved so well!  It was my first time to dine in at Jollibee Pallocan West along Manuela Pastor Avenue and their breastfeeding corner caught my attention most because I am breastfeeding.  I am so glad to see that they have that area for breastfeeding moms like me.

What is your favorite restaurant when dining with children?
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