Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blessed Week as JC Turns 5 - Laiya Beach, Cake and a Bicycle

We've been busy last week but is surely blessed specially for JC who celebrated his 5th birthday last March 7. JC is now aware of the dates in the calendar. As soon as February has ended my son tells everyone that his birthday is so near! I attempted to ask him of what would he like to have on his birthday. He answered me straight saying "a cake car". I was stunned hearing him say that. I don't know how to design a cake car.  Then there's is one friend who makes carved cakes that came into my mind. I know ordering that cake would be so expensive. I started praying and hoping that in the coming days I would be blessed with enough money to afford it. But I still kept on thinking if I had that money should I still go and order it? Because for me it's not practical to pay a cake worth 3 thousand pesos. I asked my younger brother for an opinion. What he said was, "Ate, I am sure you can make one yourself."

Pakner4lyf informed me few days before JC's birthday that there is no extra budget.  I didn't want to break my son's heart who is expecting that cake on his birthday; and I didn't want to hurt our monthly budget too.
So what I did was to search for online videos on how to make the cake. I enjoyed watching the uploaded videos on YouTube and was convinced that I can make the design.

We have guests from Michigan who we expect to come March 1 and will leave on March 8.  It was perfect that they were here to celebrate with JC's birthday.  Pakner4lyf met Pastor David Hoglin during his six months stay there in Michigan and now they will be working on some ministerial work here in the Philippines.  We set a special dinner at my mom's house for JC's birthday inviting our foreign guests, Ptr. David, Bro. Jonathan and Bro. Mark; friends and church members.

It was Wednesday morning while I am doing the laundry, I kept on thinking the things I needed to prepare for making JC's cake for the next day.  I planned to start our homeschool sessions earlier than the usual so I can start making the frosting for the cake.  Suddenly the phone rang, it was pakner4lyf on the line.  He called asking me to prepare the things we needed to bring because we are going to have a overnight stay in Laiya, that Ptr. David paid for us.  The children were all excited to hear the trip.

We stayed at Acuaverde Resort.  I love the Filipino native ambiance of the place.  Their dining hall is like a tree house.  I noticed outside the resort's rooms were clay pots (Banga) filled with water and there is a coconut shell attached in a stick.  I then realized that it is for washing the dust or sand in your feet before going inside the room.  I am also glad that they have a playground that the children enjoyed. They loved playing with the sand. We don't own at television at the house, so they took advantage of watching cartoon shows in our room. Our celebrant enjoyed the waves and swimming at the beach. I just didn't know why Eu-La was all of a sudden afraid of the waters and chose to play only on the sands.  Acuaverde is just beside Acuatico, the infinity pool photo above was taken at Acuatico.

 The next day as soon as we arrived at the house I started to make JC's cake and cooked spaghetti.  We ride a tricycle going to my mom's house.  Inay prepared delicious foods that we all shared.  We also enjoyed  singing along with the video-karaoke.

JC was expressive of his feelings that he really had a wonderful birthday celebration.  He also received cash gifts from those generous hands so we would like to thank you all and God for the blessing.  Because of that JC was able to buy a brand new bicycle.  God is indeed good!

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