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Maintaining my sanity over this crazy life

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Definitely I am a very happy hands on mom to my three children and no doubt about that.  Yet I would be hypocrite saying that everything is perfect and going on smoothly.  Imagine me alone supervising three super children.  This drives me crazy everyday that it felt like almost loosing my sanity.  I have to be sure not to take my eyes off them.  And you know, it's hard to keep them all in one place.  Watching over them is not my sole duty; so to accomplish things I had to be creative and keep them busy so I can do things around with my eyes still fixed on them.  Well of course with me being limited, they would most of the time make a terrible chaos. How do I maintain my sanity?

Find reasons to laugh.

I tell you this is not easy.  It is easier to throw our temper whenever our children misbehave and failed to follow whatever rules they needed to abide with.  It seems like reminding them for hundred of times what they have to do and still they acted on their own way.  That is very frustrating, right?  Don't expect much specially on toddlers.  The problem gets bigger because we are adults rate the children's capability to do and grasp things based on the standard of what an adult can perfectly achieve.  Remember they are still starting to learn and discover things.  How do I still care to laugh?  When I see our closet is all empty (this happens most of the time) because all of our clothes were pulled out.  Instead of boiling my temperament up because it took hours folding all those clothes; I would laugh because I will be finding one of them hiding in our closet compartment.  Or you'll hear me laughing out loud because my daughter tried to peek inside my bag and was tempted to put on my make up.  My make up was all broken, but look at her she looks like a clown!

Take a time out

JC and Eu-La would most of the time fight and  little SJ is now starting to join the ring.  This is a common scenario of siblings fighting over a toy or some something.  Isn't it ridiculous that the innocent toy lying in a corner, for days no one would seem to get or play with it, will cause a spark.  Then suddenly it would seem to be the last piece of toy in the whole earth!  There will be days that they are throwing their tantrums.  They'd ask you to give this and that.  They will make you reach for things that is just below their feet and will cry for unreasonable things.  Oh my, this is terrible.  I'll tell you for a number of times they almost made me cry, I felt so helpless and I don't know what to do.  This is the perfect time to have a time out.  What do I mean?  It can be few minutes or longer - it depends.  Spending the time out would mean leaving the crying children for few minutes.  I'll go in a place (still inside the house) where I couldn't see that long face and be  bothered with that loud cry.  (With this I still make sure that they are in a place out of danger and none can harm them before having the time out.)  When out, I'll breathe deep to help me relieve my own tensions so I can think clearly.  Longer time outs would mean walking outside preferably alone (most of the time window shopping) a perfect stress reliever for me.

Talk about it

Friends are treasures - one of the definitions I can say about my friends.  They are the ones who understands and listens to my craziness and still accepts me for being one.  I only have few close friends, and now we hardly see each other and communicates too little.  Everything's been different compared before, physically they are not around specially that everyone's started getting married, some moved to other places usually for work, other personal responsibilities would hinder the former bonding we had.  Still whatever happens friends are still friends.  I am glad that God gave the gift of friendship.  Whenever I had a time to share , I am not afraid admitting that my life is happy and little bit crazy.  I'd never thought my life would be this crazy! =)

Blog it!

Since I hardly meet friends and people because I am always at the house, it doesn't stop me from telling my own side of story. Now, because of the internet it is easier to communicate with friends and air what I have to share through social media.  Blogging gave me an avenue of expressing myself and making online friends too.  I follow and read blogs of different topics in my spare time.   Mom blogs will always be included in my list because I do learn from them and I can relate with what they have to say.

Find the things you enjoy doing

Women would love to see their husbands and their children happy.  So we give our best doing and providing the things they needed, that we forget to look at own needs.  When this happens, more likely in the next coming days you'd feel nuts and burned out.  Whenever I sense that I am to loose my sanity, I would discover new things for a hobby.  I tried gardening, make different kind of crafts, play video games and now I am into cake decorating.  This are some of the hobbies I can do to find myself and go back into my senses.  God has been gracious to me.  It is through his strength and wisdom that I am still composed.  Knowing I am in his hands I will always be secured and filled with hope.

What keeps you in maintaining your sanity?

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