Friday, July 27, 2012

30 Things About Me : A BC Bloggers Meme


Thanks to Sanna of Woman Scribbles who hosted the BC Bloggers meme for the last week of July.  It is a good topic of getting to know everyone.

Here's my list:

  • (1)  I am the most beautiful daughter my parents could ever have.  
  • My two brothers won’t complain.

  • (2)  I had a lot of names.

  • (3) They used to call me “Bakne” when I was a little child.
  • (4)  I don’t like my name before that’s why I created my own nickname “Ynnah Lorraine".
  • (5)  “Hanny”  was a product of Ynnah after reading it in front of a mirror.  It was discovered by my classmates in high school.  But they still call me Lorena.
  • (6)  I took up Medical Technology and my classmate in highscool, Lara took the same course.  So we became classmates in college.

  • (7)  Lara and I became a part of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.  She Influenced our IVCF group to call me Hanny. 

  • (8)  I don’t hate the name Lorena anymore.  At last I came to realize how beautiful my name was.
  • (9)  I attended IVCF camps meet new friends – including Christian Bautista (not yet a famous singer that time)!  
  • (10)  I came to know my husband through a common friend - Melvin whom I also meet at the IVCF camp.

  • (11)  My husband is my first and last boyfriend!  No regrets.   

  • (12)  Yes! I am a pastor’s wife.  I didn’t prayed or wished to be one, but I know it was God’s calling.
  • (13)  I love being a hands- on mom.
  • (14)  I love breastfeeding.
  • (15)  I have three children. Joseph Celso -  4y/o, Eunice Lauren - turning 3 this September, and Soren James -  6months this August.  All of our children’s names are from Bible characters in combination of our names.

  • (16)  I will start homeschooling our eldest son this second week of August.  Hope we will be successful.
  • (17)  I love children.
  • (18)  That’s why I have volunteered teaching children in Sunday Schools since I was thirteen.
  • (19)  I don’t start conversations.   It is hard on my part specifically with new acquaintances.
  • (20)  I love to observe and listen.  Maybe one reason of giving me a hard time of vocally expressing myself.
  • (21)  I easily express myself in writing, gardening and crafting.
  • (22)  I love to cook and still want to learn more with this skill.
  • (23)  I crave for chocolates.
  • (24)  I chose not to pursue my career as a Medical Technologist for the benefit of my children and the church I belong.

  • (25)  I currently run a bakeshop business for our living; which is also a family business since I was a child.
  • (26)  I value family and relationships.
  • (27)  I love nature. 
  • (28)  When in trips I love to look at the car windows watching the clouds, trees and flowers.
  • (29)  I love beaches, walking in the sand and picking up shells and to see sunsets and sunrise.

  • (30)  Becoming a mom taught me of so many lessons in life.  One is to understand and love my parents more.  

I know I had so many things to learn more about blogging the reason why I join the BC Bloggers Group.  Want to join?  It is free just visit Mommy Diary hosted by Paula to learn more about the BC Bloggers.

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