Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Instant Blog Post

I really feel the need to create a new post, I have ideas for now but not much time to spend in front of the computer so sad...Thanks to Ruby Ricafrente of Pinay Mommy Online she shared "The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator".  All you need to do is to click from the the drop down boxes and choose what statements that you like and would fit to you then you'll have your instant post!  

Here's my instant post:

"I can't believe it! I just remembered I have not updated this since they invented sliced bread... You would not believe that I actually have a life. Please don't abandon me!.

I am so busy with discovering time doesn't stand still, personal projects, just generally being a mother to my kids, my day seems to be packed from the moment my children manage to unlock my bedroom door and use me as a jumping castle to till I fall into bed at midnight. I am not complaining though. I need a holiday.

I wish one day I will have time to blog again. One day I will find my magic genie! I'll keep looking, anyway!."

I enjoyed doing this...you must have a try.
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