Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Photo Contest

Have you tried of joining contests?  Once in a while I join contests online.  One of my reasons of joining contests is just for fun, excitement and of course I wanted to win the prize.  Most of the contests I joined was baby photo contests and still I haven't won in any online contest.  One of the keys in winning online contests is attracting people to like your entry and that I fail to do because  I don't have the time to campaign for my entries.

The recent contest that I have joined was the "First Moments" a photo contest hosted by EQ Diapers.  I have been a member of EQ since 2009 I guess.  I found their facebook page and attempted to join the contest.  I am so happy even I didn't have the chance to win even the consolation prizes.  Why?  The contest have introduced me to get to know more moms.  Thanks to Mecheel Roferos Caseñas-Esic creator of our EQ Mommies, EQ Babies; and added me in this group.  We feel comfortable sharing thoughts and experiences of being a mother.  These mothers are more than willing to support me and encourage me to join more contests assuring me that they will surely help.  Yes!  These mommies are great!  And I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Just to share this is Soren James' "First Moments" entry for EQ Diapers contest last May 2012.

This photo is also featured in   Mecheel Roferos Caseñas-Esic  blog,  SingleMoM
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