Monday, July 2, 2012

My Mem-o-rains

I had so many memories when it rains.  I love to recall the days when we were just kids.  At the first drop of rain my big brother and I will quickly ask our parents to let us got out so we can play in the rain.  As soon as we hear the word yes, we will run outside as fast as we can to look for our friends.  Isn’t it funny to recall how frustrating it was that after going out to experience the shower, the rain ceased from falling
it sure feels so bad.  I remember how I felt so envious when mom or dad didn’t allowed us to go out while seeing some of our friends through the window were so happy running out in the rain.  One thing I cannot forget also is that I used to celebrate my birthday with heavy rains and at times with storm signals because I was born in August.

When I was in my teenage years, I hated rainy days.  Simply because it’s hard to go out and I feel bored.     When the rain is falling for several days it feels so dull without seeing the sun.  I associated rains with sad emotions maybe because the sky is gray and pale colors around.  I also have an experience of going out in rain crying so no one would notice I am crying (emo).

My children love to play with water.  And it fascinates them watching the rain water drops and hear their screams of excitement at every splash.  How I wish I could let them take a shower just for fun and experience.  We are living in an apartment without a backyard here in a market place so you know my reasons why I can’t.  I am dreaming and aiming that one day we can own a house so my children can play at our backyard; making mud pies, make paper boats and let them float in the water flood and to run outside when the rain starts to fall.  It’s cozy to sit at the couch, look out the window watch every rain falling while sipping a hot cup of coffee.  And to once again go out in the rain play with my children.  I’m looking forward for this dream to come true.  Soon it is my children who’ll be sharing their own memories of rain.

Do you love rainy days? Have you tried taking a shower out in the rain?
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