Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogging - a new career?

Back when I was in my elementary grade, I joined an essay contest and was blessed to win the contest.  My teachers knew I have some writing skills that I can hone to develop.  Yet, I was unable to join activities and groups that can help me grow this skill that I have.  I know it's not yet late to learn more and share what I have through writing.  This is not my first time to create a blog.  I started blogging since 2009 - this is our church's blog (  I am a pastor's wife and decided to create a blog for our church activities to inform friends most specially abroad of what's happening.  It was only this year that I decided to make my personal blog to share whatever I feel like writing that I fail to do before because I haven't made a journal of them.

Being a hands on mother is a fulfilling job.  I have no regrets about it, but I admit it is also stressful.  I needed to have an outlet of all the stress that I have in the four corners of our house.  We don't have a house maid it means all household chores are on my shoulders plus the responsibilities I needed to fulfill in our church being also its mother.  Blogging gave me a new avenue to express and relieve my self from tension and stress.  It was this year that my husband and I were so much burdened of our situation in the church and dealing with our three children.  We needed someone to understand us in our struggle and we're blessed to read blogs who shares the same difficulties that we have; thus we were able to relate.  It was an encouragement to know that we're not the only person who experiences such situations  I started joining clubs, I am an active member of EQ Diapers Baby Club online.  At times I find myself posting comments on some articles and posts on Facebook that I didn't enjoy before.  I want to inspire other parents as I were before and to still learn from others.

Having three children also means that we needed an additional financial income.  As the children grow, so are their needs become bigger.  I know friends who earn online so why can't I?  In searching for blogs and ideas of how can I earn through blogging I landed at BC Bloggers group.  I've found most of them are hands on mommy like me.  Why not give it shot?

These are my reasons that lead me to pursue blogging as my new career.  I don't know how to start and what more to expect.   I have so much to learn.  I am looking for online friends who can coach me.  Can you be my mentor?
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