Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Family Life

I am a full time mother of three – JC (4y/o), Eu-La (2y/o) and SJ (4mos.).  I am a proud full time (hands on) mommy no regrets at all!  I know how important it is to see how my children grow and I don’t want the time to pass by without me seeing how they mature.   It is hard for me to leave my children under a nanny’s care.   I am not against working moms and I salute them.  For me it was just a choice of staying in the house and to personally look for my children.  It was a sacrifice on my part, I had so many plans and dreams of my own that for now I needed to give up for the sake of my children.  I am blessed that I no longer need to work because we have our own business that needs lesser supervision; yet at times tempted to look for one considering the growing needs of the family that needs to be sustained.  Also to mention that I am a pastor’s wife – that requires me additional responsibilities in the church.

My everyday routine is to serve my husband and children – cook, clean the house, do the laundry, play and teach my children and other household stuffs.  My parenting experience made me thankful for my own parents and more considerate of other parents like me; knowing how hard it is to raise a family – especially train and discipline children.  My husband and I struggle a lot with our three little treasures.  There are times that we are having arguments because of them. 

As my husband and I struggle everyday on how to deal with our children, we at times feel helpless and desperate.  Situations like all three children will cry at the same time; one of them is sick and will force them to drink their medicines and would have sleepless nights; there will be countless of times that JC and Eu-La will fight for a toy; they will all demand for attention when you have something that needs to be accomplished or there’s a visitor in the house, an important email or phone call to answer; most of the time they would not follow your instructions repeatedly getting you irritated; they will refuse to take a bath, brush their teeth, cut their hair and nails, going to bed; for the whole day there will be countless times we needed to fix things up in the house because of the children’s mess and so much more.  All of these needed to be handled properly to train and discipline them.  I will admit that there are also times I found myself raising both hands and surrender or bursting up like a volcano.  It also feels like losing all of my sanity with all the pressures in the four corners of our house for the whole day. 

We find it helpful reading blogs and articles in websites from parents who feel and experience the same way as we do.  Every insight is an encouragement.  We can relate ourselves from their stories and would also make us feel we are still “normal” that every parent’s experiences and struggles are the same.  The reason why I am writing this is for the purpose of encouraging other parents most especially moms like me who might be in the same situation as I am saying OhMomMy!

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