Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gifts and Giveaways with a Personal Touch

I choose to make personalized items as giveaways and gifts to people dear in my heart.  It is my way of expressing how I appreciate them.  Every craft I make is a labor of love and hoping that they too will feel the emotion as they receive it.

In all occasions, I take time of personally making the giveaways.  During our wedding, our giveaways were bottles with cork cover, I decorated it with rainbow curled ribbons and white flowers, I also put our photo which was printed in a sticker paper and then filled the bottle jars with cookies.

Last Christmas, I made paper beads and used it to make earrings and key chains.  I also hand painted pots and placed live plants.

When we dedicated our first born son, I used feeding bottles as our giveaways, instead of cookies, I bought  colorful candies to fill the bottles.

When it is our daughters turn, I give our guests potted plants that I personally grow in my own garden.

The recent giveaway I make was just last week.  SJ, the  youngest member of the family was dedicated.  I bought a ready made souvenirs at a store and just added details to it (knowing I don't have much time to make complicated crafts) for a personal touch.  I also make candy bags for coming children.  I stick our son's photo on every souvenir then on candy bags, I stick SJ's photo on a lollipop stick.

Baby Crib with pouch that I also put candies inside.

I also give time in making personalized cards rather than just buying an already made card.  A little personal touch is my way of saying "you are important and I care".

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