Friday, August 3, 2012

A day in my not so boring life

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I think most people would say I have a not so enjoyable life because I am a stay at home mom.  Anyways, I would like to share what I typically do every day.

Most of the time, I wake up late in the morning.  I regularly start my day at 8am at times I extend my sleep till 9am because I'm breastfeeding our baby boy causing me fall asleep again.  I would whisper a prayer entrusting the Lord for the whole day ahead.  When it's my laundry day, I try to get up at 7am so all the children are still sleeping and I can finish the laundry before lunch.

My husband and I would usually eat pandesal with Kopiko Brown a perfect match for breakfast while the children will have their milk and cereals.  I will start cleaning up some mess in the house.  I'm glad that my Partner would help me with the household chores and taking care of the children.  Then it will be baby's bath time afterwards JC and Eu-La.  It takes time to keep on encouraging them to go to the bathroom for their daily hygiene.  Most of the time we wrestle!

I usually cook while doing other things around the house.  By lunch time our meals are all done.  It would be another struggle to keep the children at the table to finish their meals.  Then another long breastfeeding time with SJ and put him to sleep while JC and Eu-La are playing with their toys or in front of the lap top watching their favorite you tube channels because we don't own a TV at the house.

When the baby is sleeping, it is my time to have a Bible study and make cell group lessons.  If I have more time, I will check my facebook, emails and do some posts and improvements in my blog.  This is also my time to work for some home schooling stuffs - preparing our classroom, the visuals and lessons I needed to study.  I also play with my children, sing songs with them, we do hide and seek and read books with them.  We used to sit at the door at our balcony and look the market, observe the people, watch flocks birds flying at the sky around 5 - 6pm.  We will also go downstairs at the bakeshop to check things.  JC and Eu-La will go with me to the market and shop for food.  Then prepare our dinner and eat together.

In every meals, we encourage our children to pray.  They practically thank the Lord for everything that is in the table.  They would say "Lord thank you for the rice, chicken (what ever is on table), soup, water etc...  in Jesus Amen"  There was also a time that they even mentioned the plates, spoon and fork.  They really count all the blessings we have.  During meal times, my husband and I grabs the opportunity to communicate with each other - sharing time.

After eating, the children will still play.  Then we would have our story time by 10pm, we will all thank God for the whole day and then they will be on their beds.  This is their earliest time that they will be sleeping.  Sometimes they are still up 'till midnight no matter how sleepy we are, the children bothers us to keep awake just to play with them.

In Friday nights, I am meeting up with my cell group members we share and pray together.  Our band practice is during Saturdays.  I meet them also for a short cellgroup.  I used to join their practice, but now I don't.  But in times that they needed me to fill in I gladly join the practice.

During Sundays I wake up at 6am to prepare for our lunch early because we will be attending the church, aside from it I will be checking for our church hall if everything is setup,  check and prepare some power point presentations before the church service starts.  Then in the afternoon I'll be meeting with our youth group for our cell group.  After all church activities, its gonna be our family bonding time.
The earliest time I go to bed is around 12midnight.  If I needed to finish some stuffs for my blog, web search, cellgroup topics, homeschool, it is easier for me doing it when all are sleeping.  At times I'll be sleeping by 2am causing me to get up at 9 am.

These are my day to day routine.  Time flies so fast without me noticing it!

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