Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Countries that I wish to visit

Even though we experienced heavy rains this past few days, I am glad that we do not experience flood and comfortably safe in our home.  My prayers are for those who have been seriously affected that they can cope up with the situation.  

End of Year Heavy Rain

Travelling is really one of my interests.  I know it is hard to go out when it is rainy and most of all couldn't really go out with a storm signal.  As I was saying earlier, I am still comfortable here at the house having not much to do the reason why I am joining the BC Bloggers Meme.  This week's topic is "5 countries you want to visit before you retire".  It's about my wishlist of places to travel so I will not miss this post!


First in my list is the Land of Promise.  I really want to visit this place to see the Bible in its live picture.  I heard so many people who were able to visit Israel, saying that it is really a different kind of feeling stepping on the ground where Jesus spent his life as a human. I want to the visit key places mentioned in the Bible, how people are living there including their culture and traditions.

Included in my list of course in the United States of America.  I know most of the people who had not been to US dreams to visit this place and I am one of them.  One of my childhood fantasies is to be able to see the apple and orange orchards as I learned it from the PACE's that I have been studying.  My husband stayed in the states for six months last year that was his second time.  I am hoping to join him on his next scheduled trip if the budget is around.  Now I had this desire of visiting some part the US not just to see the orchards but to meet my friends who are living in there and also to be at the well known tourist spots that I shouldn't  miss if I had the chance to.  

Jeonju, South Korea
Jeonju, South Korea

Third is South Korea!  I love Koreans not only because I am watching Korean Novelas (that was before and I wish to have time so I can watch again) but because I also have some Korean friends.  My younger brother had the opportunity to have their field trip at Seoul Korea.  He said that Korea is a very a good place to visit with beautiful people too.

The Carnival Sensation docked at Freeport Harb...

Bahamas would be the fourth country in my list.  I would like to explore this beautiful place in a cruise because it is one of my dreams.  And to add that I love beaches!

SALISBURY, ENGLAND - MARCH 02:  Visitors and t...

The last country to be included in my list would be the United Kingdom.  It has rich historical places and people.  To know for a fact that famous authors and writers were from here.

That is my complete list of the countries I wish to visit before retiring or hopefully if the world is not yet to end.  What would be your list?  Tell us and join the BC Bloggers Meme hosted by Jimmy : Life is an Adventure and link up your post.

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