Monday, June 1, 2015

Ending for a new beginning

It is the first day of June and this means that half of the year is almost over.  We couldn't say we're in the beginning 'till something has ended.  This morning, I decided to have a baking activity with the kids to start the month. Of course they all loved the activity specially working with fondant.  May, the previous month, was a very busy month for all of us here.

What made our busy schedule was our Daily Vacation Bible School for children last month.  We had four school sessions having more than 130 students.  We held classes in different barangays. Being the group's team leader, I always join the classes and that means I had to bring the kids with me specially our youngest son.  I am glad that he's used to travel and be with different people all the time. 

EJ with his Ninang Aiza and kuya JC
My children were also excited about the DVBS, so, they also enrolled the classes.  I am so happy to see how they have participated in the event.

SJ maybe the youngest student but he enjoys singing and dancing.  Up until now, he still remembers every song they sang and the actions as well!  He is also excited to make the craft activity for the day.


My daughter, Eu-La was happy meeting new girlfriends during the DVBS.  She tries her best to participate and memorize verses from the Bible during the event.  

My son JC somewhat loose the interest of attending school after someone occupied his chair.  I couldn't find any way to pacify him and motivate to have him come back and join school even during the following days.  I just let him not attend since we will still have another set of sessions on the following weeks.  I motivated him to join the next school session but he still is not interested.  While we were preparing for the classes, he just found out that he can help the teaching staff operating our projector using power point.  This made me happy that at least he's been a part of the DVBS. Actually he's more like of a teacher rather than a student.  I find him scolding children who misbehaves during classes.

I am thankful for every mornings, for a fresh new start, evenings to end up a day and have a rest for a very tiring day.  As of now Pakner and I is also starting a new adventure in our lives.  We are not sure of the things to come or what future may bring, but my heart is secured and peaceful as we continue on.               

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