Monday, January 13, 2014

Mixbook: Online Photo Book and Calendar Maker

We've visited my parent's house on the first day of the year.  Pakner4lyf with Pastor Eric had a scheduled of Bible study in a neighbor's house.  The children and I stayed at my parent's house and while we are waiting for them the children watched movies and I find myself enjoying some time browsing on our photo albums.  I find a photo and remembered how we used to celebrate new year. What a lovely memory captured in this photo - childhood memories reminisced.

With the accessibility of the internet, photos are easily uploaded in any social networking sites and is easily shared with friends online.  Comparing it before that we have to use films and we worry on how our photos will look like, we don't know if we blinked or if we looked good in them because the only preview is once the photo is already developed.  I also remember carrying our big photo albums and bring it just to show it to my friends specially those who requests to see them.  Photo editing back then was done manually with the use of paint brushes as I remembered.  Now we can easily take photos with the use of a digital camera even our smart phones and other gadgets with built in camera.  We can now easily edit and customize photos with the help of softwares and online photo editors and some of them are for free.  With just one click these edited photos can be viewed by our friends.

Photo albums are no longer so popular, yet I would still want to have hard copies of  those captured photos that marks special events and occasions in my family.  It still feels different viewing those photos from the previews years where I can touch it and have it compiled with a personal touch.  This is how Mixbook can help us with.  Mixbook is the easy and fun way to make completely customizable photo books, cards, and calendars on the web.  With dozens of themes and hundreds of accessories, and on online editor that is extremely easy to use and navigate, you can create a beautiful keepsake in minutes.

Mixbook is so easy to use.  You can upload your photos from computer, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, PhotoBucket, or Smugmug.  Also you can add, move, and resize pictures and text anywhere; place pictures over two pages and select from thousands of backgrounds and stickers.  They have over 100 professional pre-designed themes that you can choose.  You can also invite your friends and family to collaborate so they can add photos, create pages, and edit the content. 

A screen shot on how to create a layout of your  Photobook in Mixbook

I really wanted to have a photo book of our wedding since we don't have a privilege of having one.  Here are more sample products that you can make in Mixbook.

Below is a video showing the products and a demo of how to use Mixbook

Start your personalized calendar or photo book today.  You can send this as special gifts for your friends and love ones too.  Big discounts and limited time promos are also available in their website.

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