Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Minion Cake for SJ's Birthday

SJ celebrated his second birthday yesterday.  We didn't have a big celebration.  A lot of people asked me "anong handa?" (what's the menu).  We have already drained our pockets because of our bake shop's renovation so I could no longer afford throwing out a huge party for him.  We cooked spaghetti and fries to have a simple celebration and of course design a cake for him.

I decided a Minion design since we always say he looks like and acts like these minions.  SJ doesn't only makes me smile but also laugh.  His actions really does so this cake design fits his personality.  He does love his cake.  

As of now I am too busy creating special packages for the Valentines Day Celebration.  I am a bit tired of multi-tasking but I am forced to do so - we needed more income!!!  Hope to post photos of them here in the next few days. 

If you are looking for a detailed instruction on how to make the minions out of fondant here's the link that I have found.  How to make Minions using Fondant.  Happy baking.
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